Knowledge base

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Get Started

Talks about getting started with the Spendflo App


Talks about Spendflo Dashboards for Buying and Management

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Buying Hub

Talks about Procurement Requests, Contracts and everything Buying

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Management Hub

Talks about Spend, Products, Teams and everything SaaS Management

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Security Hub

Talks about Vendor Trust and Security Review

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Talks about Spendflo's integrations options with other Apps

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Talks about Commonly Asked Questions on Spendflo.

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Product Updates

Talks about our latest releases and updates on the Spendflo App

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Talks about Spendflo Settings and Billing Info

Video Series

From creating Requests to managing Contracts and tracking SaaS Usage & Spend, these short video tutorials will show you how it’s done.


Talks about Reports and Analytics

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