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The Management Hub reports offer a valuable resource for gaining real-time insights into your application landscape, providing you with a comprehensive overview of various crucial metrics. The Management Hub reports will be useful in determining overspending, Shadow IT, Application Adoption rate etc. 

To access Management Hub Reports in Spendflo, simply navigate to the Reports tab on the navigation menu and click on Management Hub from the left navigation bar.

Let's delve into the different types of reports available through the Management Hub.

1. Spend Analysis

The Spend Analysis report offers an in-depth examination of your spend on SaaS products. It provides a breakdown of spend based on individual products, teams, categories, users, and entities. You have the flexibility to customize spend filters and categories to suit your specific needs.

> Spend Analysis Reports

2. Shadow IT:

Shadow IT is the SaaS used by a department or individual without the knowledge of the IT Team and is not centrally managed. These apps could have been purchased without looping in IT team or necessary approvals. 

The Shadow IT report helps you gain detailed insights into your projected spending on SaaS products. The report breaks down future expenses by product, users, spend and status.

> Shadow IT Reports

3. Usage Analysis:

The Usage Analysis report helps you understand how your organization is utilizing SaaS products. It offers insights into usage patterns across different teams and categorizes user engagement levels as low, medium, or high.

> Usage Analysis Reports

4. Access Risk: 

Spendflo assigns access risk to your tech stack to show the level of permissions each app has. In the Access Risk report, you'll be able to determine the access risk status of all your Vendors. A detailed list of app permissions and the number of users will be listed in addition to the risk status.

> Access Risk Report

These reports collectively empower you with the essential information needed to make informed decisions about your applications, expenses, usage, and vendor relationships, ensuring the efficient management of your digital ecosystem.

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