Product Insights Report

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The Product Insights Report provides a comprehensive overview of the organization's software portfolio, offering valuable insights across multiple dimensions such as application status, application owner, number of users, and access risk. 

The report consists of different filter sets by which you can group your report and view the detailed Insights. You can filter out the report based on Product Status, Access Risk, Owner, Users and IT Admin.

How to leverage the product insight report with example:

1. Application Status

Key Findings:

Managed Applications: 35

Closed: 5

In Review: 10


A majority of applications are managed and in use, indicating good resource utilisation.

Closed presents an opportunity for cost-saving by decommissioning or reallocating resources.

2. Application Owner

Key Findings:

IT Department: 20 Applications

Marketing: 10 Applications

HR: 5 Applications


The IT department owns the majority of applications, followed by Marketing and HR.

Departments owning fewer applications may require additional resources or may be using unauthorized software (Shadow IT).

3. Number of Users

Key Findings:

High Usage (Over 100 Users): 15 Applications

Moderate Usage (50-100 Users): 10 Applications

Low Usage (Under 50 Users): 10 Applications


Applications with high usage are likely critical to business operations and should be prioritized for security and performance optimization.

Low-usage applications may be candidates for decommissioning or consolidation.

4. Access Risk

Key Findings:

High Risk: 5 Applications

Moderate Risk: 10 Applications

Low Risk: 20 Applications


High-risk applications require immediate attention for security enhancements.

Moderate-risk applications may benefit from a review of access controls and user permissions.

Steps to get Product Insights Report

To get the report, follow the steps below.

1. Open the Reports tab from the Navigation menu

2. Once you've landed on the Reports page, the initial screen that appears will be the Buying Hub Reports. The navigation menu for accessing different reports is located on the left side of the screen. Navigate to the Management Hub section. Locate and click on the Product Insights Report

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