How to use Reports?

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Our creation of Reports is driven by a commitment to delivering a more comprehensive and insightful view of your daily SaaS operations. These Reports are designed not only to illuminate your SaaS landscape but also to address and rectify any deviations or sudden surges in your SaaS spend and usage. Moreover, Reports serve as a valuable tool for shedding light on processing times, offering you a deeper understanding of the finer intricacies surrounding your other resources, such as human capital, time allocation, and effort distribution.

By harnessing the combined power of our Buying Hub and Management Hub reporting features, you can be confident that no aspect of your SaaS ecosystem will escape your attention. These integrated Reporting Hubs ensure that nothing goes unnoticed, allowing you to maintain a vigilant and well-informed stance when it comes to managing your SaaS infrastructure.

We distributed the Reports into:

> Buying Hub

> Management Hub

> Other Reports

Buying Reports

Utilizing Buying Hub reports provides comprehensive information about your procurement timelines, realized savings, and the overall spend through contracts. These reports enable you to gain valuable insights into your procurement landscape and how Spendflo is instrumental in helping you reach procurement milestones. 

Management Hub Reports: 

The Management Hub reports offer a deeper understanding of your organization's spend in relation to contracted amounts vs. the actual spend amount, allowing you to promptly identify and rectify instances of overages or spending beyond the contractual value. Furthermore, these reports grant you transparency into access risks and application permissions within your SaaS stack, strengthening the Infosec policy of your SaaS ecosystem

Within the scope of Management Hub reports, you will also receive a comprehensive analysis of your shadow IT applications, as well as insights into user adoption rates across various applications. This holistic view of your SaaS stack not only highlights which applications are under contract but also identifies those that operate without contractual agreements, providing a complete overview of your software landscape.

Other Reports


Within the "Other Reports" section, you'll encounter a diverse array of data and insights drawn from both the Saas Buying and SaaS Management hubs. These reports offer the capability to examine and contrast various metrics across different hubs. For instance, you can pinpoint vendors with elevated access risk levels across specific departments, analyze vendor spending and usage patterns, and gain a comprehensive, cross-functional perspective.

These reports are designed to provide you with a holistic view, enabling you to make informed decisions, optimize vendor relationships, and enhance overall efficiency within your organization.

We will be releasing the reports in "Other reports" section incrementally, its a work in progress and will have the data soon

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