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Spendflo Pipeline metric represents the total value of your SaaS contracts that are up for renewals for your organisation on a MoM basis which will be managed by Spendflo, in the contract year selected. 

This report comes in handy during situations where you want to see which contracts will be handled by the Spendflo team during the contract year, vs, the contracts that you might want to handle on your own due to favourable reasons, for eg. an executive connection with the vendor.

Steps to get to Spendflo Pipeline Report

To access and utilise the Spendflo Pipeline Report, follow these steps:

1. Open the Reports tab from the Navigation menu

2. Once you open the Reports page, you will land on the Procurement Analysis section within Buying Hub reports. Click on Contracted Spend Analysis -> Spend - Spendflo Pipeline to open and view the report.

3. After you select the Spendflo Pipeline report, you will be presented with the report screen. The report will consist of the following components:

Spendflo Pipeline Graph : This section shows a trend of total SaaS contracts  to be renewed by Spendflo in that particular timeline, allowing you visibility on SaaS management by Spendflo over time, enabling better financial planning. You can filter this view Contract year wise.

Table : The bottom table will list the details of all the list of contracts which will be managed by Spendflo.

5. If you need a more detailed view of the report, you can expand it clicking on the name of the report in either the pipeline or the table to expand and view it in full screen. There are also options for you to export/download the report.

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