October 2023

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October product round-up: Enhanced license management, fortified data security, and more

Spendflo’s new feature enhancements are here to protect your financial data and give you so many more opportunities to save thousands of dollars. 

Newly launched:

Launching Dynamic License Management

With Spendflo Dynamic License Management (DLM), IT and RevOps teams can stop spending hours each week manually de-provisioning SaaS licenses and maintaining complex scripts. 

What you get:

Dynamic License Management helps you define your app usage and inactivity criteria, measure and understand inactivity, and take immediate action through license reclamation or downgrades. This helps you save thousands of dollars per product and an immense amount of time. 

Launching Executive Dashboards

With Spendflo’s Executive Dashboards, gone are the days when sensitive financial data was accessible to all users on Spendflo. Finance, procurement, and IT data are now well protected. Here’s a quick summary of the new dashboard views:

1. Spend and Savings Dashboard


This dashboard provides a holistic view of the SaaS metrics. This helps the finance team:

  • Get a quick snapshot of the overall spends, savings, and usage
  • Drill down the spends, savings by products, tools, usage, etc.

No other role in the organization can access this dashboard, keeping your financial data safe and secure. 

2. Procurement Dashboard

This dashboard can be viewed by the procurement team, of course, but it also can be viewed by the finance team and IT admins. This dashboard helps measure the SaaS procurement health at a glance. Procurement managers can track procurement efficiencies and view pending requests from their dashboards.

3. Insights dashboard

The Insights dashboard can be viewed by the finance team and the IT team and provides actionable insights on the state of SaaS. The IT team can now:

  • Get a quick snapshot of the overall apps, people, and spend
  • Complete any action required such as assigning owners to new apps, de-provisioning licenses for underutilized products, reviewing shadow IT, etc. 

Major upgrades:

Sorting apps by the primary category: You can now see related products within the primary category of their tools. You can view the related, and possibly, duplicate apps in your stack along with the users, spend, and status for each app in the category. 

OneLogin for HRMS integration: You can now get accurate spend and usage data thanks to Spendflo’s integration with OneLogin for HRMS. 

Auto-cancellation: Requests that are open 30 days from the request due date will be marked as Auto-Cancelled by the system. 

Minor Enhancements:

SmartScan progress bar: We’ve added a progress bar to SmartScan to make the wait a little more bearable.


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