July 2023

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Launching Spendflo SaaS Insights, free forever

Spendflo SaaS Insights is your gateway to prudent and optimized SaaS spend—and the beginning of the end for SaaS wastage. Here’s how Spendflo destroys SaaS wastage for you:

1. SaaS insights give you a consolidated view of your SaaS stack and its usage to help you spot areas of optimization. 

2. SaaS Insights highlights areas of your SaaS stack that need your attention, and calls out:

  • Unused licenses
  • App deduplication opportunities
  • Shadow IT
  • Anomalies in SaaS spending patterns, and so much more

All of this is actionable data that helps you make immediate, data-powered decisions.

1. Once you’ve identified the sources of SaaS wastage in your stack, you can contact Spendflo for a free savings analysis to see how much you can potentially save and which tools you can get significant savings for. 

2. You may then choose to upgrade and engage Spendflo’s expert buying team to negotiate and achieve those savings for you or continue using Spendflo SaaS Insights to optimize costs in-house. 

Try Spendflo SaaS Insights to get a free discovery and audit of your SaaS stack today!

Little drops make the mighty ocean

Spendflo makes constant incremental enhancements to the product to make your SaaS journey a breeze. Here’s how:

In-app procurement chat notifications, now connected to Slack

Users will now be notified via email and Slack for every in-app procurement message. This ensures users stay updated on in-app procurement conversations and can respond/approve work faster even when off the Spendflo app. 

Upgrade to Long-term Contract

Spendflo customers can request a long-term upgrade to switch their monthly contracts to annual contracts. The option is easily accessible through the ‘Upgrade to long-term’ button on the Contract detail view. 

Bulk edit of owners or tags

Customers can now easily add multiple tags at once. Customers can also select multiple procurements and quickly add the same tag to all of them with just a few clicks.

Move security reports to the Security section

We have relocated the security reports to the dedicated Security section for better organization and ease of access.

Buying Reports in Buying section

We have moved the buying reports to the buying section for easier access and navigation. This change brings all relevant buying reports to one centralized location.

Vendor Review - Mandatory Fields

Software and Due diligence questions are now marked as mandatory fields on the Vendor Review page. This will ensure that the user cannot proceed without filling in these details, improving the user experience and data completeness.

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