April 2023

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We are thrilled to announce the release of the revamped Spendflo App on 27th April 2023! Our team has been working tirelessly to enhance the user experience and provide you with a more streamlined and intuitive platform.

With this new version, you can expect to see improvements in performance, navigation, and design. We have added new features and made enhancements to existing ones to make your experience with our application even better.

We understand that change can be difficult, and we want to assure you that we have taken great care to ensure that the transition to the new version is as seamless as possible.

Let's see what has changed.

My Subscription is now split into Requests and Contracts

The previous My Subscription page offered details of your purchase requests and their contract information on the same page with limited functionalities.

We have split it into two separate sections in order to provide you with more contextual information. The separation of Requests and Contracts gives you a more detailed view of your requests and their progress; it provides you more control over the procurement cycle of a product.

On the other hand, the Contract acts as a Contract Management System that can accommodate not just the SaaS products you procured from Spendflo but also the products you procured from outside. Let's take a look at the new Requests section and Contracts section separately.


Now, when you fill out a new purchase request form on the Buy Software page, you can track the request's progress on the new 'Request' page. The Request page offers the following upgrades from the previous version:

1. More detailed table view

The Request listing table now has more details; this lets you see all your requests from a top-level view like the product requested, requester, current status, department, buyer info, and much more.

2. Get more details with less clicking on Request details

Switching between multiple tabs could sometimes be annoying, so we created a single view for the request details that is loaded with more contextual information than before. You get to see the details of the request, the progress bar, audit logs, attachments, vendor trust hyperlinks, and so much more on this page without switching tabs. 

3. Track the status of your request with the dynamic progress tracker

We have introduced a new progress tracker to help the requesters track their request status. This will give you visibility if your procurement is moving as expected or if it’s stuck. 

4. Canceling a Request

Users can now cancel a request and do not have to wait for their CSM to do it; this gives you more power and control over the request you make in the app. You can also make changes to your request.


1. Renew, Upgrade, or Downgrade your subscriptions on the Contracts page

The renewals have a new place in the Spendflo app; initiating a renewal request is now available on the Contracts page. You can also track your contract lifecycle and request an upgrade or downgrade from the Contracts page. 

2. More details in a single view

The Contracts page now offers more detailed information of your contracts in a single view; check out your start date, end date, contract owner, cost, status, and much more from the table view.

3. Separate tab for short-term contracts

On the Contracts page, you can now differentiate between your monthly contracts/subscriptions and long-term contracts easily. We have separated them in 2 tabs to help you understand your subscriptions better

4. Edit or Cancel contracts

Continuing our philosophy of giving more to the end user, we have introduced the editing and cancellation buttons for you. You can now make changes to your existing contracts or even cancel them on our app. Gone are the days when you had to wait for your CSMs to do it. 

5. Who gets notified, and when, is now your decision

We have introduced flexible notification options for you to choose as per your preferences. You can choose the time and frequency of notifications for upcoming renewals; users can also follow a contract and become a Follower in order to receive notifications for any activity on those contracts.

Introducing the new SaaS Management module

We now offer a fully functional SaaS Management module that gives you visibility on the Spend, Usage, and Teams of your organization.

These data points are being captured by our host of powerful integrations with Finance Systems like Netsuite, Quickbooks, and SSO systems like Google Workspace, Microsoft Azure AD, Jumpcloud, etc.

The Management piece comprises the Products and Transactions feature.


The Products page contains all the SaaS apps discovered with the help of integrations on Spendflo. Lets talk about some highlights from this feature:

1. All the useful information in a single view

The Product landing page has a detailed table view that contains all the important information about the product in one place. You can see the Spend, Users, App owner, etc., and take action quickly.

2. Segregate discovered Products based on status

You can segregate the discovered apps into different statuses based on your requirement. A newly discovered product can become a managed app, ignored app, or a canceled app as per your action

3. Connecting the Dots with Data

The Product details page provides you with detailed information on product users, spend, and usage information all in one single place.

You also have the ability to compare contracted spend vs. actual spend, check the existing and historical Sentiment surveys, and even add or link contracts with the product here.


All your transactions flowing through the financial systems with the help of integrations are available on this page. The Transaction feature provides you visibility on your spend and also lets you map these transactions to products on Spendflo. Some highlights from this feature include:

1. Ability to map, remap or archive a transaction

Our system automatically maps the transactions imported from the finance system to the products in Spendflo, a few cases where the system doesn't recognize a transaction, you can manually map them as per your needs. It also gives you the ability to re-map an already-mapped transaction or even archive them.

2. Custom mapping rules

To avoid repetitive task and automate them we created the custom mapping rules on the transactions page. You can create different mapping rules for mapping, re-mapping, or archiving transactions based on your preference to reduce your effort

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