Tracking upcoming Renewals

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Tracking the renewal date of SaaS contracts is extremely important; the procurement managers and admins would agree with us that it is way more challenging than it may sound. Timely renewals are crucial for effective financial planning, contract negotiations, vendor evaluation, service continuity, and compliance with legal obligations. It enables organizations to optimize their SaaS investments, mitigate risks, and ensure a seamless and uninterrupted software experience. 

You can review and track the renewals from the following sections:

  • Tracking upcoming renewals from the Dashboard
  • Tracking upcoming renewals from the Vendor Management table

Let's take a look at both sections in detail.

Tracking upcoming renewals from the Dashboard

Spendflo simplifies the process of tracking upcoming SaaS contract renewals through the Buying Dashboard. Within this dashboard, users can conveniently view all SaaS contracts with upcoming renewals within the next three months. To initiate a renewal request, click on the desired App, and you will be directed to the renewal request intake form. For further guidance on raising a renewal request, please refer to the accompanying article for detailed instructions.

Tracking upcoming renewals from the Vendor Management table

When an application's renewal date is within the next three months, its contract status automatically changes from active to upcoming renewal. By navigating to the Vendor Management page, you can easily identify all the applications that are due for renewal based on their status.

To filter out the applications with upcoming renewals, follow these steps: click on the Filter button, select "Add filter," choose "Status" from the dropdown menu, and then select "Upcoming renewal." This will generate a list of all the applications with upcoming renewals.

To initiate a renewal request, click on the respective application. Please refer to the provided article for more detailed instructions on raising a renewal request. To gain a better understanding of the search and filtering process, we recommend reading this article.

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