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Search and filter functionality improves productivity, accuracy, and data exploration capabilities for any tabular data. It empowers users to efficiently navigate and extract meaningful insights from datasets, enabling better decision-making and data management. Spendflo understands this and offers search and filter functionalities across different pages within the product.

Using the search and filter is pretty simple. To start with, look for the Search or Filter icons on any Spendflo page currently the following pages offer Search and Filter:


To search for a specific value, simply begin typing the desired name in the search bar. The system will dynamically narrow down the results as you enter at least three characters. For more precise search results, you can continue typing additional characters.


Utilizing the Filter feature in the Spendflo App is a straightforward process, similar to using the search command. Follow these steps to filter values in any table:

1. Click on the Filter button located at the top of the table.

2. After clicking the filter button, select the "Add Filter" option.

3. A drop-down menu will appear, allowing you to choose the filterable values. Select the specific value that you wish to filter.

4. Once the filter value is confirmed, choose the desired filter condition from the available dropdown options. The filter will be applied accordingly.

It is possible to add multiple filters to a table to refine further and narrow down your search.

Example of Search and Filter

For instance, if you are searching for a particular vendor contract, you can enter the Vendor's name in the search bar at the Vendor Management page to quickly locate their information. Additionally, you can apply filters to refine further the results, such as filtering by start date, end date, cost, or any other relevant criteria. This combined use of search and filters allows for efficient data exploration and retrieval within the Spendflo App.

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