Shadow IT Report

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The Shadow IT Report offers insights into applications detected through Single Sign-On (SSO) and finance integrations.

Shadow IT refers to SaaS apps that are used within your organisation without explicit approval or oversight from the IT department. These unauthorised systems can include software and cloud services that employees deploy and use for work-related tasks without going through the standard procurement and governance processes and are not . 

While Shadow IT can enhance productivity by allowing employees to find and use tools that meet their specific needs, it also poses significant risks, including data security vulnerabilities, compliance issues, and potential conflicts with existing IT infrastructure.

Simply take note of the apps categorized as "new" with associated expenses. Internally evaluate whether these apps are in active use, and if not, consider deactivating them to cease unnecessary spend. 

How Spendflo Identifies Shadow IT

Products/apps that have users and spend against them do not have an owner, and where status is not managed are marked as Shadow IT

Steps to get Shadow IT Report

To get the report, follow the steps below.

1. Open the Reports tab from the Navigation menu

2. Once you've landed on the Reports page, the initial screen that appears will be the Buying Hub Reports. The navigation menu for accessing different reports is located on the left side of the screen. Navigate to the Management Hub section. Locate and click on Shadow IT

3. Once you click on Shadow IT, you'll see the report populated. Here, all your SaaS apps will be listed down with details of their user count, their spend, and their status. To learn more about product status and its significance, refer the artcile here. You can scroll horizontally and vertically to view more details.

4. You also have the option to click on the report name to expand and view it in full screen. 

When in expanded mode, you can conveniently export the report by clicking on the download icon and selecting your preferred download format, and your download will be prepared promptly.


Sort and Filter

In this report you can sort the table columns by clicking on the columns name, you can change the list based on alphabatical order of apps, user count, spens and status.

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