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Spendflo's Dynamic License Management (DLM) revolutionizes SaaS license management through its automated approach, providing real-time insights, efficient cost optimization, and streamlined license management. This technical guide walks you through the key features and advantages of DLM, highlighting its distinct capabilities in comparison to traditional manual processes.

Automated License Management

DLM stands out with its automated approach to managing SaaS licenses. Unlike traditional methods that involve manual, time-consuming processes, DLM streamlines license assignment, reclamation, and downgrades in real-time.

Real-Time Usage Insights

DLM provides unparalleled real-time usage data from a diverse range of popular SaaS applications. This distinct feature empowers organizations with accurate, up-to-date information to make informed decisions swiftly.

Efficient Cost Optimization

DLM caters to the critical need of efficiently managing SaaS costs. It tackles the challenge of untracked software usage and helps organizations optimize their spending by reclaiming or re-assigning inactive licenses.

Streamlined License Management

For Chief Revenue Officers (CROs) and IT administrators, the struggle lies in maintaining control over licenses amidst employee attrition. DLM offers a streamlined approach, defining inactivity criteria and integrating with HRMS systems to manage license allocation seamlessly.

DLM vs Manual Processes

Unlike manual methods or basic license management tools, DLM's automated system offers a hands-off, efficient solution, saving valuable time and resources.

Dynamic Integrations with Popular SaaS Apps

With dynamic integrations with popular SaaS apps, DLM provides more comprehensive and real-time data than traditional tools. Following are the current & in-pipeline DLMs available in Spendflo today,

How does Spendflo recognize Inactive users?

You can customise as to when a license should be considered inactive under Settings > Managemnent Hub > Licenses. 

Further, you can track the license usage data under Managemnet > Licenses.

How to integrate specific tools?

Click on any of the below available integrations to view a step-by-step guide of integrating your tool on Spendflo, 

Asana   Monday    Zendesk   Freshdesk    Salesforce   Hubspot   Atlassian   Github   Adobe   Datadog

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