Zapier Integration

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Spendflo offers integrations with a range of SaaS tools, streamlining manual tasks and facilitating seamless data exchange and process automation. We provide diverse integration options, including Single Sign-On (SSO), HRMS, Direct Integration, Finance, and more. We have introduced a new method for expanding our integration capabilities to address various customer requirements.

Every company employs a suite of tools to streamline daily operations, store contracts, and facilitate document signing, among other tasks. We recognize that replacing these tools poses a challenge for your internal teams. Therefore, our concept revolves around seamless integration with your existing tools, transforming Spendflo into a harmonious addition. By incorporating Spendflo, you can leverage your current tools and enhance procurement and negotiation processes effortlessly. Spendflo's high level of customization allows you to craft your own triggers and actions, ensuring a tailored integration experience.

Through Zapier, you can link your existing Procurement Management tool, Signature tool, contract management systems, and many others with Spendflo, facilitating the smooth transfer of processes and data between Spendflo and other applications.

About Zapier

Zapier is a web-based automation platform that enables the connection of various apps and services. It allows you to link two or more applications to automate routine tasks, eliminating the need for coding or developer involvement in creating these connections. Zapier supports integration with over 6000 apps spanning different categories, making it easy to execute actions and transfer information between them.


Tools that we integrate with and their use-cases

We are consistently developing additional integrations with various tools. Below, we have compiled a list of tools that already offer the option to integrate with Spendflo.


Jira is a versatile ticketing tool employed by various organisations to address a wide array of use cases. Its primary functions include project management and process tracking. Some organisations also utilize Jira for managing their procurement processes and monitoring their status.

With Spendflo's integration with Jira, you can seamlessly initiate a procurement request within Jira, navigate your procurement journey through Spendflo, and subsequently relay the final cost information back to Jira for request closure. All of this data exchange between Jira and Spendflo occurs automatically thanks to the integration.

For instance, if you use Jira for initiating and monitoring your company's procurement approvals while utilizing Spendflo for your negotiation services, the process is as follows: When you or your team initiates a request in Jira, this request is automatically transferred to Spendflo, creating the request and advancing it to the negotiation stage. Our procurement team negotiates the tools and updates the details within the Spendflo app. This information is then relayed back to Jira for approval, where your approvers can review negotiation specifics, tool costs, and other details before granting approval. Once the request is approved in Jira, it is also marked as completed in Spendflo.


Ironclad is a contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform that helps business and legal teams manage and store contracts. With Spendflo's integration with Ironclad, you can still continue storing your contracts in Ironclad but manage your procurement process within the Spendflo app. 

How do you connect Zapier with Spendflo

Integrating Zapier and Spendflo is a few-step process that requires you to have a Zapier subscription. Once you have the subscription, you can reach out to your CSM at Spendflo, and they should be able to help you complete the integration steps. After the integration, everything will work automatically as they have been set up therefore eliminating manual interventions.

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