Procurement Request Funnel

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The Procurement Request Funnel offers an annual perspective on your procurement requests within different stages on Spendflo. This funnel allows you to compare the requests created in a year with those that actually got completed, showing how many requests were approved or denied in between. This provides valuable insights into your procurement journey and enhances visibility regarding areas for potential improvement.

For example, if you notice a situation where a significant number of procurement requests are being canceled, it's imperative to conduct a review of the procurement process. This review aims to ensure that only essential requests are initiated, thereby minimizing cancellations and resource inefficiencies.

Steps to get Procurement Request Funnel

To access and utilize the Procurement Request Funnel Report, follow these steps:

1. Open the Reports tab from the Navigation menu

2. Once you open the Reports page, you will land on the Procurement Analysis section within Buying Hub reports. Click on the Procurement Request funnel to open and analyze the report.

3. After clicking on the " "Procurement Request Funnel" report, you will be presented with the report screen. The report will consist of the following components:

Procurement Request Funnel: At the top of the report, you will find a visual representation of the Procurement Requests, categorized by their status, including "Requests Submitted," "Requests Negotiated," "Requests Approved," and "Requests Completed." These statuses are fetched real-time from your activity on Procurement Requests. You can filter this as per the Contract Year.

Table: Below the funnel, you will see a table containing details of all the Procurement Requests, including their current status, requester details, and more.

4. If you need a more detailed view of the report, you can expand it by clicking on the name of the report in the pipeline or the table and view it in full screen. You can also download the report by clicking on the top-right icon next to full-screen.

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