What is Spendflo Procured and Spendflo Pipeline?

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We recognize that certain organizations may prefer to handle contract renewals or new purchases independently, particularly if they have a unique vendor partnership.

To ensure clarity and enhance our customers' experience, we have implemented a distinct separation between contracts managed by the Spendflo team and those managed directly by our customers.

When you navigate to Vendor Management in the Spendflo App, you will notice two columns: Spendflo Procured and Spendflo Pipeline. These columns provide a clear distinction and help you differentiate between contracts managed by our team and contracts that you handle on your own.

Spendflo Procured

All the new and renewed contracts handled by the Spendflo team are categorized as Spendflo Procured. With the help of this information, we also populate the metrics you see on the dashboard.

Spendflo Procured serves as an effective tool for contract tracking and allows you to gauge the strength of your partnership with the Spendflo team.

Spendflo Pipeline

The Spendflo pipeline encompasses all the contracts that our team will manage during the current contract year. As part of our customer onboarding process, our dedicated team gathers this information to define the scope of engagement.

We highly value our customers' autonomy, particularly in unique scenarios where our assistance may not be necessary. In such cases, if they prefer to directly handle a new purchase or renewal due to their special partnership with a vendor, we fully support their decision. To identify and address these specific situations, we have implemented the Spendflo pipeline feature.

You can change the status of a Spednflo Pipeline contract at any given point as per your requirements.

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