How to launch a Sentiment Survey

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In this article, we will explore how to initiate a Sentiment Survey for a software in Spendflo. These surveys are automatically triggered 120 days before a software's renewal, but the automatic launch is contingent on the software being part of our internal database.

For instance, if you have two software products in your tech stack, let's say Jira and Mailchimp, and both are listed in our database, then a Sentiment Survey will be automatically launched for each of them 120 days before their renewal date. However, if only Jira is present in our database and Mailchimp is not, the survey will be automatically launched only for Jira. Mailchimp will be listed in the pending surveys tab of the Sentiment Survey section until its data becomes available.

Now that you know that Sentiment Surveys are sent automatically, lets learn how you can launch a manual survey for Pending Apps

Navigate to Sentiment Hub

Navigate to the Sentiment Hub page from Management>Sentiment Hub

Locate the Pending Survey Tab

Look for Pending Survey tab, you'll find it at the bottom table that has Active, Scheduled, Archived and Pending Tabs

Pending Tabs

Once you click on the Pending tab, you'll see all the apps that our system could not match with our Database, simply click on launch survey.

Choose a mode of Survey

After clicking on Launch Survey, choose the mode from which the survey will be sent, you can launch it via Slack, or via email. You can also choose multiple software at once for the survey.

To learn how users can respond to the survey, see the article here

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