Calendly Direct Integration

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Spendflo's Calendly integration feature transforms the management of your scheduling licenses by consolidating all licensing information in one centralized platform. Spendflo seamlessly connects with Calendly, providing direct access to license details and usage data within the Spendflo platform. With this integration, you not only gain visibility into Calendly licensing but also the ability to perform specific license-related actions from within the Spendflo app.


  • Calendly Administrator Role Required: To establish and manage the integration, users must have Calendly administrator privileges.
  • Calendly Enterprise plan is required for user activity to be precisely categorized as either 'active' or 'inactive' as per their utilization. 


Identify Inactive users: Utilize Spendflo's Calendly integration to generate a detailed user activity report under Settings -> “Licenses” to identify inactive licenses. 

Disclaimer: Please note that in the Calendly Enterprise plan, user activity will be precisely categorized as either 'active' or 'inactive' as per their utilisation. However, for accounts on any other plan, users will be designated as 'inactive' without further distinction, irrespective of utilisation.

Negotiate Favorable Pricing:

Spendflo equips you with valuable data and reports to empower you during negotiations with Calendly.


  • Currently you can only reclaim Calendly licenses on Spendflo.

Steps to Install the Integration

1.  Navigate to the Spendflo Integrations Page (Settings > Integration > Available Apps)

2. Navigate to Calendly under the Product section within the Available Apps. Click Connect to start the Integration. 

Ensure to be logged in to your Calendly account. 

3. In a new window you will be given the option to connect using OAuth 2.0. Click Connect to complete integration.

4. Integration is successful. You will be able to find the Calendly Integration under the 'Connected Apps'.

Now that you have integrated with Calendly, click here to see how you can make the best use of the features.

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