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Spendflo provides an option to upload a CSV of your software transactions to analyze SaaS expenses for your organization. Not to worry if you don’t have a finance system that cannot integrate with our system; we got you covered through this neat feature.

Spendflo will automatically match transactions to the correct application, summarize expenses and provide insights.

Navigate to Spendflo Integrations Page

To begin, go to the Spendflo Integrations page from Settings>Management Hub>Integrations>Available Apps, and click on the upload button on Transaction csv

Download the sample CSV

The CSV file should be in a format that our system can understand; you can download the sample CSV and put the data in the format as per the sample.

1. Download the sample CSV.

2. Put your spend data as per the sample CSV format on a spreadsheet

3. Come back to the Spendflo screen and upload the spreadsheet

Map the CSV fields

After the upload, you’ll get a prompt to map a few mandatory fields as per the Spendflo field. Map each mandatory line item from the drop-down and click continue

Note: You might get an error if the data is not in the correct format, like the date, description etc. If you get an error prompt, try correcting the data and uploading the CSV again

Successful Import

Once the format is matched, click continue, you’ll see a successful import prompt and see the results of how many transactions got uploaded. Click continue to review. You’ll be redirected to the transactions page, where you can map, re-map, or archive transactions. To learn how to map transaction, vist the article here

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