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Spendflo's Management Hub includes a dynamic system to manage Users and Teams of your irganization. This comprehensive offering facilitates enhanced oversight of teams, optimized allocation of budgets and resources, as well as the acquisition of valuable insights into the SaaS usage patterns and expenditure trends of both individual users and teams.

In addition to seamless integration capabilities with your Human Resource Management System (HRMS), we provide an alternative solution for managing users and teams via CSV import. In the following article, we will delve into the process of configuring user setups through the CSV import feature.

Navigate to Integrations

To begin uploading the CSV file, navigate to the Spendflo Integrations page from Settings>Management Hub>Integrations>Available Apps

Locate HRMS section

In the Integrations page, locate the HRMS section, you will find the Teams CSV import option and other Direct integration Apps. Hover on Teams CSV and then click Upload

Download Sample CSV

Upon selecting the import option, you will be presented with the choice to download a Sample CSV. To obtain this file, simply click on the provided link. It is imperative to accurately structure your CSV in alignment with the provided sample, as the system exclusively recognizes this format. It's crucial to adhere to the specified format, as any deviation may result in import errors. 

The CSV Format

Lets understand the values in the CSV file:

  • Primary Email: Please mention the offical email id of the employee, the system will not consider private email ids
  • First Name: First name as per records
  • Last Name: Last name as per records
  • Job Title: Mention the Job title of the employee
  • Team: Mention the Department or Team of the employee
  • Employement Type: Mention if the employee is Full Time, Contract, Intern etc
  • Employeme Status: Please mark all your existing employees as Active. In the event that an employee departs from your organization and you wish to deactivate their status within the Spendflo app, kindly indicate their status as Inactive within the CSV file.

Upload CSV file

In the next step, upload the CSV file that you have created following the Sample CSV format.


You'll get a summary of employees and Team imported, and if there are any errors it will be highlighted.

Error Handling

If there are any errors in your upload the system will prompt you with the exact error and the line item, you can reupload the file after correcting them.

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