Box Direct Integration

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Box integration with Spendflo introduces dynamic license management capabilities, enabling efficient control over user access and license allocation directly from the Spendflo App. This integration streamlines the process of monitoring Box licenses and optimizing license utilization. 

Features & Limitations


Real-time License Monitoring: The Box integration in Spendflo offers real-time insights into license usage. Identify users who may not actively utilize Box to optimize license distribution.

User Access Control: Deactivate Box users directly from Spendflo, streamlining access management. This feature facilitates prompt revocation of access for inactive users or those who no longer require Box access.


  • Downgrade Restriction: At present, Spendflo does not support downgrading Box licenses.
  • Account Deletion Impact: Deleting a user's account does not alter subscription costs, as confirmed by Box's support documentation.
  • User Deletion Limitation: Users cannot be deleted if they possess files or folders within their Box account.
  • Last Login Visibility: Only if the Administrator User on an Enterprise Plan integrated with Spendflo, all users will have access to view last login details.


  • To be able to integrate successfully with box, the user must be logged into his Box account. 
  • If you do not have an enterprise account, we pick the activity date from SSO integrations (Okta, Azure Active Directory, etc) connected to the Spendflo platform. You can use the SSO login for this integration.

Following permissions are needed for successful integration :- 

1. manage_managed_users: Permission to oversee and control user accounts within a managed environment, potentially including user creation, modification, and deletion.

2. managed_groups: Authority to administer and manipulate groups or teams within a managed system, facilitating organization and access control for users.

3.managed_enterprise_properties: Capability to manage enterprise-level properties or settings, which may include configuring global settings, access controls, and other administrative functions.

Steps to Install Box Integration using OAuth

1. Log in to your Box account. 

2. Go to & click on Settings -> Integrations -> Available Apps 

3. Navigate to Box under Product category within Available apps and click Connect to start the integration.

4. Review the data privacy & compliance details & click Continue.

5. Review Permissions required & click Connect

6. Grant Truto access to Box to complete the integration 

7. Box is now successfully integrated with Spendflo. 

Now that you have integrated with Box, click here to see how you can make the best use of the features.

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