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Spendflo's integration with Slack eases your work by bringing Spendflo directly into your Slack workspace, allowing you to seamlessly manage procurement, contracts, and more without leaving your familiar environment.


  • Receive Notifications: Stay updated on procurements, contract renewals, and other important events via Slack.
  • Create Requests: Initiate procurement requests or raise renewals directly from Slack.
  • Access Details: Retrieve requests and contract details effortlessly from Slack
  • Gain Insights: Obtain key insights about products, for eg. negotiation details from Slack.
  • Sentiment Surveys : Launch Sentiment Surveys directly from Slack.
  • On-the-go Approvals/Rejections : Approve/Reject directly from Slack.

Home Tab

The Home Tab serves as a centralized hub for crucial information and actions. 

You can directly create a request from this section by clicking Create a Request. To view the steps in detail click here.

View Open Requests

Keep track of all your open requests, request type, creation dates, approval status, etc., from this section.

View My Tasks

This section shows all your pending tasks and actionable items. For eg. any approvals/pre-approvals would be shown here.

To view the steps to approve/reject a request in detail click here.

View Upcoming Renewals

Get a snapshot of your upcoming renewals, with contract details, and the option to renew directly via Slack. 

To view the steps of creating a renewal in detail click here

Help and Support

This section helps you access FAQs, Help Centre, or you can contact Spendflo support for assistance.

Messages Tab

The Messages tab allows you to receive notifications, communicate with peers, for requests and contracts & perform actions via below commands.


  1. Create a Request: /flo-procure 
    This command helps you initiate new procurement requests or renewals/upgrades/downgrades.

    Get Savings Benchmark: /flo-view-benchmark product_name 
    This command helps you obtain product-specific procurement benchmarks directly from Slack.

  2. View Request Information: /flo-view-request all, product_name, vendor_name
    This command helps you view procurement requests all at once or for a particular product/ vendor

  3. View Contract Information: /flo-view-contract active, product_name, vendor_name
    This command helps you view all contracts or contracts for a particular product/ vendor

    View about a Command: Enter the command & follow it with 'help'
    For eg. /flo-view-contract help will give information regarding what the command would return.

    To understand each of these commands in detail click here.


1. The admin/ approver gets notified in Slack when.

    a) A new procurement a requested. Admin gets an overview of the contract information and can approve or reject the request without leaving Slack.

    b) A document/ contract is out for signature.

    c) A procurement request expires.

    d) A pending action is required.

2. Upcoming Renewal: Spendflo notifies the owner 90 or 120 days before renewal via the messages tab. This gives you time to do proactive negotiations based on insights you gain from Spendflo.

Explore Spendflo effortlessly within Slack and enhance your procurement and contract management experience!

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