Savings Delivered by Request Type Report

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In the Savings Achieved by Request Type Report, you will discover a detailed visual representation of the cumulative cost savings generated by the Spendflo Team across various request types. These request types may include renewal requests, new procurement requests, or app upgrade/downgrade requests. This report offers in-depth insights into the savings associated with each request type, allowing you to track trends and gain a better understanding of how savings are being generated for your organization.

Steps to get Savings Delivered by Request Type Report

To get the report, follow the steps below.

1. Open the Reports tab from the Navigation menu

2. Once you've landed on the Reports page, the initial screen that appears will be the Buying Hub Reports. The navigation menu for accessing different reports is located on the left side of the screen. Within the "Savings Analysis" section of the Buying Hub, you'll find a selection of various available reports. Locate and click on the "Savings Delivered by Request Type" report among them.

3. In the Report, you'll see the graph at the top, which will give you a month-on-month representation of savings achieved by request type depicted in different colors. The bottom table will list the details of each procurement, savings achieved, their current status, requester details, etc. You can scroll horizontally and vertically to view more details.

4. You also have the option to click on the report name within either of the tables to expand and view it in full screen. When in expanded mode, you can conveniently export the report by clicking on the download icon, selecting your preferred download format, and your download will be prepared promptly.


You have the flexibility to customize the graph's time frame from the upper right-hand corner, allowing you to switch between year-on-year, quarter-on-quarter, or month-on-month views. For customers with more than a year of history with Spendflo, you can access historical contract details by utilizing the Contract Year filters, which are available in both the table and the graph.

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