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Spendflo browser extension allows you to discover apps that your employees are using and enrich app usage data. The browser extension is designed to be used along with other discovery sources, such as GSuite and SSOs.

When added to an employee's browser, the extension captures the user’s login to business apps and sends details of the app usage to Spendflo. This is useful for discovering instances of "shadow IT" - the apps that bypass the IT team’s scrutiny.

You can identify business apps that employees are using. Monitoring how long they access and login to them can help you determine how often the app is used. These insights can help you make informed decisions about app licensing and management.

Currently, the Spendflo browser extension is available for Chrome. You can install the Spendflo Chrome extension referring to this article.

Deploying the Spendflo browser extension in your Organisation

Fetch the app in the Chrome store.

  1. In the Google admin console (, click on the plus button ‘+’ in the bottom right corner and select Chrome from the pop-up.

  1. Since we have not made the Spendflo Chrome extension a public app, you may have to search for it with the App id. Enter app-ID as “dmnnhocioikgfnngbbiligobngbmddhh” in the Chrome Webstore. This opens the Spendflo browser extension. Click on the Select button.

  1. Under the Installation policy, choose Force to install.

Install across organization

  1. Follow the instructions in this help doc under the “Force install apps and extensions.”

Opt out from the Chrome Extension

  1. Under Spendflo settings, go to the “Privacy settings” window

  2. Under privacy settings, there’s an “Opt Out” section where you have the option to tick the checkbox called  “Enable users to opt out of sending activity to Spendflo”, click save

  3. While choosing to opt-out from the Chrome Extension, please note that Spendlo will not be able to provide the Monthly Active Usage

  4. Once you enable the opt-out feature, the org users will have the option to stop sending login activity to Spendflo by turning off a toggle in their Chrome extension

  5. If the opt-out feature is not enabled, the Chrome extension will be activated by default on all org users.

Spendflo checks the cookies to see if the user is logged in or not. We check the URL and store the domain.

We don't have track credentials (such as usernames and passwords) and we don't store it.

Every time any user visits any website the activity is tracked and shared to Spendflo


Click-through the short demo below for the steps :-

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