Self-Serve Procurements

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Using Spendflo, you have the autonomy to independently handle your procurement needs if you don't require our support. In an ideal scenario, our dedicated purchasing team is here to assist you in procuring or renewing your SaaS tools, moving the procurement process within the Spendflo app. However, if you prefer to take the reins yourself, we offer you the flexibility to do so.

Should you wish to manage all your procurement requests independently, kindly notify us so that we can customize your organizational settings accordingly.

To do this process, you need Spendflo Admin license

Here's how you can manage the procurement completely on your own:

Create a Procurement Request

Start by creating a request for the tool you want to purchase. To learn how to create a procurement request, refer to this article.

Request Details page

After the request is created, you'll be navigated to the request details page of your request, where the workflow for the procurement will happen.


Pre-approval acts like an acknowledgment approval that ensures that the budget owner or the approver is aware of the procurement and approves its purchase.

The pre-approval is sent to the approver for the request, and the status of the request is at Pre-approval at the moment.

The approver will receive a slack and email notification, from there they can approve the request.

Assign Buyer

After the pre-approval is approved, the request is then converted to a Pre-approval completed state. At this point, you should assign a negotiator/buyer from your org on the request who shall manage this procurement.

Important note: you would have to assign a buyer as a mandatory step to proceed to the next stage of the procurement.

Negotiation Stage

Once the negotiator is assigned, they will receive a slack and email notification, from their they can open the request details page, at the bottom Admin settings within the request, they can click on Start Negotiation to move the request in the negotiation stage.

Contract upload

Once you are done with your negotiation efforts with the vendor on call or on emails, you can come back on Spendflo app and upload the draft contract or negotiation quotes on the request, you can utilize the upload button under the attachment section. 

After the contract is uploaded, the request automatically moves to Contract Upload stage. Dont forget to upload the approval doc for your request under the attachment section.

Add Negotiation information

You have the option to input negotiation details, such as the initial quote, final quote, and duration. This will streamline the approval process for the approver and provide a record for your documentation purposes.

Important note: The fields within the section should be filled to proceed to the next stage of the procurement. 


When you upload the attachments, there's a new CTA that pops up at the top for initiating approval for the request. You can click on "Initiate Approval" to send the request for approval. To learn how to create approval groups, refer to this article.

Awaiting Signature

After the approval, the request moves to Awaiting Signature stage, you can complete the signature of the document, outside Spendflo, and then come back and click on complete request cta to close the procurement request.


After clicking on the complete request CTA you'll be asked to upload the contract or link existing contract with the request, refer the article here to understand the contract upload process. 

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