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Welcome to Spendflo, your partner in achieving better SaaS Buying and Management. This comprehensive onboarding guide will take you through the process of setting up and maximizing the capabilities of our platform, enabling you to harness the full potential of our features. Let's embark on your journey towards SaaS Spend Optimization:

Spendflo's onboarding process is thoughtfully structured, which requires collective efforts from our dedicated Onboarding team and you, our valued customer. This collaborative approach serves as a cornerstone for ensuring the success of your experience and the attainment of your organizational objectives through the utilization of Spendflo's services.

Step 1: Onboarding Reach out

Within 1-3 Business days after you sign the contract with Spendflo, our Onboarding team will connect with you via email to schedule an onboarding call. This crucial step sets the groundwork for a successful onboarding journey and ensures optimal platform utilization.

Step 2: Account Creation & Login

After scheduling the kickoff call, you will receive an invitation to create your Spendflo account. Use Google, Microsoft SSO, or your email and password to access the platform. Provide department and designation details for a personalized experience and also invite other users from your organization who would need Spendflo access. It advisable to signup on the platform before the onboarding call to have a better experience.

- Logging in to the Spendflo App

Step 3: Fill Procurement Checklists

You have the option to complete this step during your onboarding call, or if you wish to expedite the process, you can do it in advance. Simply fill out the procurement checklist, providing necessary details such as billing information, address, Infosec team contacts, and legal team information. This data is utilized to streamline the procurement process and ensure the inclusion of these details in your vendor contracts ahead of time.

- Filling up the Procurement Checklist

Step 4: Setup Approval Groups

You have the option to complete this step during your onboarding call, or if you wish to expedite the process, you can do it in advance. Set up your Approval groups and assign approvers for procurements of your organization, this ensures all procurements are within budget and are procured with proper checks

- Create Approval Groups

Step 5: Onboarding Call

Upon receiving your schedule, our Onboarding team will promptly arrange an onboarding call with you. During this call, you can expect the following:

  • Introduction to your dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM), engagement manager, and onboarding manager.
  • You introducing team members who will be Points of Contact (POCs) from your organization, including representatives from Finance, Legal, and IT.
  • Clear expectations on implementation timeline and success criteria.
  • Understanding your organization's goals with Spendflo and gathering feedback on the current state and desired objectives.
  • Assistance in setting up approval workflows and best practices for SaaS procurement.
  • Set-up a weekly cadence for the onboarding period, which will ensure your admin level training and set-up everything on the platform

Step 6: Uploading your SaaS stack on Spendflo

During the onboarding call, your onboarding manager will request you to share your SaaS contracts, and our backend team will upload your SaaS details on the Spendflo App. This step ensures that all your SaaS contracts are stored in one place, and you don't have to jump into different platforms. 

Don't have all your SaaS contracts with you? Don't worry, our team has a way of getting it on your behalf, just let your onboarding manager know about it

Step 7: Activate Spendflo Slackbot

Never miss critical SaaS renewal notifications or delay approvals again. Activate the Spendflo Slackbot to receive renewal notifications, request approvals, and surveys.

- Connect Slack Integration

Step 8: Activate SSO Integration

Spendflo provides SSO integration capabilities to manage your SaaS, discover shadow IT and check usage. Connect from the host of integration options available.

- Connect your choice of SSO Integration

Step 9: Install Spendflo Chrome Extension

Install Chrome extension to obtain users' precise usage data, last access dates, and usage details for non-SSO (Single Sign-On) apps.

- The need for Browser Extension when SSO is already installed

- Install Chrome Extension

Step 10: Connect Finance Integrations: 

Spendflo provides spending monitoring features as part of its SaaS management module. Once you connect your finance system with Spendflo, you'll have access to your SaaS usage and spending data. This helps you make better decisions and optimize your apps and spending.

Connect your choice of Finance Integration

Step 11: Training Session

Toward the end of your Onboarding week, our team will arrange a Training session for all your users. This session aims to ensure that everyone becomes acquainted with the platform and can use it smoothly without encountering any issues.

Other Helpful resources:

  • Buying Hub: Manage purchasing activities and approvals.

  • Management Hub: Track spend, and usage, and analyze data.

  • Security Hub: Enhance account security and manage access.

  • Settings Page: Customize Spendflo to fit your organization's needs.

  • Integrations: Explore Spendflo's integration capabilities with different apps.

  • FAQs: Find answers to common questions in our FAQs section.

Congratulations! You've now completed the essential steps to set up and begin your journey with Spendflo. We are excited to be part of your pursuit of efficient spend management and procurement excellence. For further support or inquiries, our dedicated support team and Customer Success Managers are here to assist you.

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