​Navigating the Spendflo App

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Welcome to the Spendflo App, your gateway to efficient spend management. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the key sections and features within Spendflo, empowering you to optimize your procurement process and gain valuable insights. Let's explore the various hubs and icons available in the app.


Spendflo Icon (Onboarding Dashboard)

Clicking on the Spendflo icon on your left will lead you to the Onboarding Dashboard. Here, you'll find two main sections: the Buying Hub and the Management Hub. These sections offer a list of easy steps to complete and allow you to track your onboarding progress effectively.

Inbox Section

Next to the Spendflo icon, you'll find the Inbox section. Here, you can access all your messages from different procurement conversations in one centralized place, making communication and collaboration more streamlined.

Buying Dropdown

Adjacent to the Inbox section, you will find the Buying dropdown. Within this section, you can:

  • Create a New Procurement Request: Clicking on this option takes you to the order intake form, where you can initiate new procurement requests.

  • Dashboard Overview: Visit the Dashboard for an at-a-glance view of total savings, upcoming renewals, and other crucial Spendflo metrics in one centralized location.

  • Track Your Requests: Under "My Requests," you can monitor all the procurement requests you have submitted.

  • Manage Your Contracts: Access "My Contracts" to track and oversee all your subscriptions effectively.

Management Dropdown

Following the Buying Hub, you'll find the Management dropdown. Here, you can explore various insights and data related to your spend management:

  • Insights: Gain an overview of your SaaS usage, such as Top Spends by product, team, and users.

  • Spend: Analyze your contracted vs. actual spend if you have connected your finance integration.

  • Products: Access all the products identified through the SSO integration, along with usage details.

  • Teams: View products categorized by different teams, including the number of users and products each team is utilizing.

  • Sentiment Hub: Launch and review past Sentiment surveys conducted under this section.

  • Cloud: Navigate to the Cloud Optimization dashboard to observe your commitment inventory, unused resources, dashboard, and settings.

Security Hub

Next to the Management dropdown, you'll find the Security Hub. Here, you can start and review past Vendor reviews that you have initiated, ensuring security and compliance.

Reports Section

Following the Security Hub, you'll find the Reports section. Here, you can fetch various essential reports:

  • Procurement Analysis

  • Savings Analysis

  • Spend Analysis

  • Vendor Risk Assessment Reviews

Settings Tab

On your right-hand side, you will find the Settings tab. Here, you can customize Spendflo according to your specific requirements:

1. Buying Hub:

  • Procurement Checklist

  • Approvers

2. Management Hub:

  • Teams

  • People

  • Transactions

  • Integrations

3. Settings:

  • Users

  • Advanced

  • Privacy

Announcements Icon

Next to the Settings tab, you have the Announcements icon. Stay informed with new product release notes and exciting updates in this space.

Profile Icon

Finally, on the far right, you will find the Profile icon. Use this to track your Setting up Spendflo progress and access the option to log out.

Help Icon

On any page in the Spendflo app, you will find a Help icon with a question mark (?). Click on this icon to open a new support ticket or access the Knowledge Base for additional assistance.

Now that you're familiar with navigating the Spendflo App, you can confidently manage your spend, streamline procurement, and leverage valuable insights for informed decision-making. Explore the various features and hubs to optimize your spend management journey with Spendflo.

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