Filling up Procurement Checklist

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Procurement involves various considerations, including information security, legal compliance, and financial aspects. Spendflo provides a set of comprehensive checklists tailored to the specific procurement requirements, covering areas such as Information Security (Infosec), Legal, and Finance. These checklists are valuable tools to ensure your procurement activities align with your organization's policies and objectives.

By diligently filling out the procurement checklists within Spendflo, you enable your buyers to gather all the necessary information regarding your organization's procurement policies, chain of command, legal requirements, and financial considerations. This detailed information ensures that your procurement decisions are well-informed, compliant, and aligned with your strategic objectives.

The Procurement Checklist is thoughtfully organized into three distinct sections:


Under the Finance section, you will find essential details related to your organization's financial aspects, including signing authority and billing information.

1. Billing Details This section requires vital information such as the Billing Entity, Bill to Address, and Ship to Address. Providing these details will expedite your procurement process, particularly during the contract signature stage. Simply add the legal entity name, complete address, and click "Save."

2. Signing Authority: The Signing Authority refers to the individual responsible for signing procurement contracts on behalf of your organization. This information helps us ensure that contracts are routed to the appropriate person during each procurement. To complete this section, add the Full Name, Email Address, and Designation of the signatory, and click "Save."

3. Billing Contact: The billing contact is the recipient of all invoices via email. To ensure seamless communication, we recommend adding the email address where you'd prefer to receive all invoices. Typically, organizations use an Accounts Payable email ID for this purpose. Feel free to include a separate email if your billing contact and the designated email to receive invoices differ.


Within the Infosec section, please provide essential details pertaining to your organization's Information Security (Infosec) approvers. This includes the full name, email address, and designation of the respective team members who will be responsible for reviewing and approving contracts related to information security matters. Additionally, you have the opportunity to specify custom terms for your Information Security policy. Feel free to mention any must-have clauses that are typically included or removed from contracts, and we will endeavor to accommodate these preferences in advance for every deal.


The Legal section requires specific information about your organization's Legal approvers. As with the Infosec Section, kindly provide the full name, email address, and designation of your legal team members who will be involved in reviewing contracts before their signature. Similar to the Infosec Section, you can also add custom terms that you wish to include or exclude during each procurement. Our team will ensure that these preferences are proactively addressed for every deal.

By conscientiously completing each section of the Procurement Checklist, you play a vital role in ensuring a seamless and efficient procurement process. Providing accurate and comprehensive information in these areas is instrumental in facilitating contract handling and expediting the procurement workflow for your esteemed organization.

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