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After signing up on Spendflo, how soon will I be able to see the data on the Insights page?

The usage analytics and spend data will be populated within 24 hours after integrating with the SSO/Finance tool.

What are the different tools that the Spendflo platform integrates with?

Spendflo integrates with Finance, SSO, HRMS and Communication tools. To get details of integration options, please refer the article here.

Can I share/export the information present on my Spendflo platform to my stakeholders ? 

Spendflo offers the option to export contracts, requests, and transactions as CSV files, which can be easily shared with your team. Additionally, you have the flexibility to export various metrics from the Insights, spend, and products sections. Another convenient option is to invite team members as users on the Spendflo platform, enabling them to view the data directly within the app.

Learn how to export from the article here

How will all my SaaS contracts be uploaded on Spendflo??

At the start of your engagement with Spendflo, we upload all your existing contracts to the Spendflo App, the only help we need from you is to share those contracts with us. Our onboarding manager will reach out to you for the same

Moving forward as and when we procure or renew a tool on your behalf our back end team will upload the contracts for you after the signature.

For the tools that you procure yourself (offline purchase), you can either upload them yourself or you can also share it with your CSM to upload it on your behalf. Refer the article Adding a New Contract to learn how to upload contracts on Spendflo

What is Spendflo’s privacy policy?  

To learn about Spendflo's privacy policy, refer our policy page here

What is the guaranteed uptime and breach protocol?

We have a 99.8% guaranteed uptime.

What is the period of data retention if I leave Spendflo ?

You will have to notify us if you want the data to be removed. Once notified, your data will be retained for a maximum of 30 days post which it will be deleted.

What transactions does Spendflo see in finance integration? How does it differentiate between SaaS and non-SaaS transactions?

While configuring the integration, you would have to identify the account types from your Chart of accounts that map to your SaaS expenses and we will import only the transactions against the account types selected by you. So in essence, we give you the control to decide which transactions should Spendflo have visibility on.  

Does Spendflo need both the REST API -and- the SOAP interface?

NetSuite operations are available through SOAP and REST APIs. REST API is newer, but some important endpoints like /account and /customer are in beta and may change, lacking full stability or functionality. Having both web services ensures a backup in case of failures or issues.

Should I install chrome if I have already installed SSO?

Yes, its highly recommended to install the Chrome extension even if you have already installed our SSO integration. Please refer the article here to know more about its significance 

Can I connect 3 different business entities within a single Xero account to Spendflo? In other words, can we bring transactions from all 3 entities present in a single Xero account into spendflo?

If the chart of accounts is the same for all companies, it's possible to bring in transactions from different business entities into a single Xero account in Spendflo. However, if the chart of accounts is different, this integration is not possible.

How are the transactions from the finance integration mapped to software products in Spendflo?

Our system automatically maps the transactions imported from the finance system to the products in Spendflo. In a few cases where the system doesn't recognize a transaction, you can manually map them as per your needs. It also gives you the ability to remap an already-mapped transaction or even archive them. To learn more about transaction mapping refer the article here

What kind of Websites will be tracked through the Chrome extension?

The Chrome extension monitors and records visits to SaaS websites based on a predefined "Application Whitelist." Only websites on this list will be logged and reported, capturing the time and domain visited. No other data is logged. The Spendflo product team maintains and regularly updates the whitelist with SaaS business apps.

The extension checks each visited domain against our database of SaaS applications, allowing for the classification of SaaS and non-SaaS websites. Additionally, it analyzes the subdomain of the URL to determine if it's a logged-in or non-logged-in website. For example, "" indicates a non-logged-in visit, while "" suggests a logged-in session to the SaaS app. Furthermore, the extension examines website cookies to identify if a session cookie is present.

How do I know if there are transactions pending for review?

Transactions requiring your attention will be displayed on the Spend page with the notification: "Transaction to be reviewed." Additionally, you can also go to Settings > Management Hub > Transactions and review the transactions.

After successfully mapping a transaction, is it possible for me to create a rule that will automatically map similar transactions in the future?

Certainly! Once you have manually mapped a transaction, you have the option to create a rule that will automatically map similar transactions in the future. This eliminates the need for manual mapping each time. While you are mapping a transaction, you will get a prompt to create a rule. Just follow the instructions on the screen to set up the mapping rule.

I want to delete a mapping rule that I created, can I do that?

Yes, custom mapping rules can be deleted or edited. Follow this guide to learn more.

I want to map a transaction but I don't see the product on the search bar

In case you are unable to find the desired app to map the transaction with, you have the option to create a new app. To learn more about it refer to this guide

My Transactions page has no data, how do I populate it?

The transactions feature in Spendflo relies on interactions with finance systems. To begin using this feature, it is necessary to establish a connection between your finance system and the Spendflo app. To learn more about the integration options available, refer to the help section here

Why is usage information not available for an app?

If the usage level is not available, you will see a message saying Spendflo does not have data about user activity and product usage.

The reason for that can be one of the following:

  • The product is not connected to your SSO provider.
  • The browser extension is not deployed.

Why do I need to connect to a browser extension?

While SSO integration provides the list of users accessing any app, the browser extension provides the monthly active usage data for the users. You can precisely see when a user last logged in and take action on licence management accordingly. It also helps get user information where SSO is not activated for an app and only username/password login is available.

Why can’t I see my spend data for an app?

Spend data within Spendflo is sourced through finance integrations with Netsuite, Quickbooks, and other applications. You can access the spend data for a specific app by visiting its ‘details’ page. If you are unable to view the data, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Your finance system may not be connected to Spendflo. Please ensure that you have established the necessary connection.
  • If the finance system is connected, it is possible that you have not mapped the transaction to the corresponding app. Occasionally, our system may not automatically recognize and map a transaction to an app, requiring manual attention. To address this, kindly navigate to the transactions page and map the transaction to the appropriate app.
  • The transactions haven't synced. Spendflo syncs with your accounting tool every 24 hours. If you need an instantaneous sync, you can do a force sync manually. 
  • If you have completed points 1 and 2 and are still unable to view the data, we recommend reaching out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) for further assistance.

How can I see contracted spend vs actual spend for an app?

You can compare your contracted spend and actual spend for an app on the Product detail page, just go to Management>Product>select any app>select the contract tab. You will see the spend you committed on the contract and the actual money you have spent till now.

What is Spend in Spendflo ?

The Spend feature by Spendflo allows you to track and analyze your SaaS spending information across your organization in real-time. It provides granular data on SaaS spend to help you identify and maximize the return on investment (ROI) on your SaaS.

How can the Spend feature give me more visibility on my SaaS spend?

The Spendflo Spend feature provides more visibility by retrieving accurate and real-time SaaS spend data through seamless integration with your finance apps. This allows you to view the total spend for each SaaS application, understand your organization's spending on each app, and identify the right areas to save costs.

How does the Spend feature help in proactive cost savings?

The Spend feature in Spendflo allows for real-time analysis of contracted spend versus actual spend. This helps you identify discrepancies or signs of overspending and take immediate, corrective action. It empowers finance teams to be more proactive with cost-saving measures and focus on the areas that require attention.

What kind of spend attribution does Spend Analytics provide?

Spend Analytics provides granular spend attribution. You can attribute and track SaaS spending based on users and apps. This helps you gain more insights into how SaaS spend is allocated across the organization, unlock usage patterns, optimize SaaS spending, and identify potential areas of cost savings.

How does the Spend feature simplify SaaS procurement?

The Spend feature simplifies SaaS procurement by providing an intuitive platform for managing your procurement, renewals, and upgrades. You can discover new products, get purchase assistance, manage contracts, and track usage, all in one place, saving you valuable time. However, this feature is available only in the paid version.

What is Spendflo Insights?

Spendflo Insights is a platform that offers end-to-end SaaS management across your vendors and employees. The goal is to help companies manage the challenges resulting from the proliferation of SaaS applications with a collaborative platform across different stakeholders including IT, Finance, HR, Team Leads, and Employees.

What challenges does Spendflo Insights aim to address?

Spendflo Insights aims to address challenges such as wasted/duplicate SaaS spend, unknown apps and ad hoc processes, and lack of data to negotiate renewals. These challenges arise from the growth in usage of SaaS applications which has expanded the number of applications organisations use and decentralised the software procurement process across teams and departments.

Who are the intended users of Spendflo Insights?

The intended users of Spendflo Insights are the finance and procurement teams in your organisation. It gives them visibility into spend and usage of the different SaaS products in your organisation.

How does Spendflo Insights help with SaaS management?

Spendflo Insights helps with SaaS management by providing insights on user behavior to detect logins to business applications. It assists in application discovery, helps in evaluating app usage, and is a powerful way to discover Shadow IT - apps unknown to the procurement teams.

What are the key features of Spendflo Insights?

The key features of Spendflo Insights include:

  • User Insights: The Users tab insights details out all of the users that Spendflo has recorded interactions with. For each user, the user tab shows the app used by the user, source of discovery of app usage, last seen date of the app and the spend against the app.
  • Team and People: The People directory comprises all individuals in your organisation. Insights by team allows a user to look at the team-wise SaaS expenses, adoption of tools by various teams and team-wise users on the platform. This feature is available in the paid version only.
  • App Management: You can directly edit the metadata of the applications discovered like status, owner and classification of the app into business or non-business.
  • Spend Management: Spendflo Insights provides a view of your Spend across your different teams. Users can create and export reports on their spend over time by app and by team. They can also allocate the Spend of apps to specific teams and understand the Spend of each team's software over time.

Can I manually send a Sentiment survey?

The Sentiment surveys on the Spendflo app are automatically deployed to users of a specific app 120 days prior to the app's renewal date. This enables you to gather valuable feedback from your employees regarding the app and aids in your decision-making process for its renewal. However, you also have the flexibility to manually initiate the survey deployment if needed. Learn more about it here.

Why isn’t my Sentiment survey being sent automatically?

To ensure the effectiveness of sentiment surveys, it is necessary to integrate the Spendflo app with your Google Workspace. Please proceed with the integration to activate the Sentiment Hub feature.

How will a user receive the Sentiment survey?

To enhance user experience, we developed sentiment surveys to be sent directly via Slack. This eliminates the need for users to switch between apps in order to provide their feedback. Users can easily respond to the surveys within the Slack platform. Please ensure that you have successfully integrated the Spendflo app with your Slack to enjoy this functionality.

How do I check if everyone has responded to a Sentiment survey?

We allow only one response per user. So, by comparing the number of responses against the number of users of the tools, you can identify the missing respondents.

How long is an active survey valid, and do you send reminders for an active survey?

The survey is valid for 4 weeks. A reminder is sent weekly once to non-respondents. 

What do the tabs Active/Scheduled/Pending mean?

Please find below the meaning of different tabs in Sentiment Hub:

  • Active - The surveys which have already been launched are listed under the Active tab.
  • Scheduled - Surveys which are scheduled to be launched are available under the Scheduled tab. 
  • Pending - The surveys for products in this tab need to be launched manually since these products are available in your organization but weren’t procured by Spendflo.
  • Archived - Previous surveys of products that no longer exist in the organization are available here.

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