Adding followers to a Procurement Request

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The procurement process for software involves various stakeholders, including approvers, members of the procurement team, FP&A teams, legal teams, and Infosec teams. Each of these stakeholders desires to be kept informed and involved in the procurement process. Spendflo addresses this need through a feature known as "followers."

In addition to the requester and other stakeholders directly engaged in a specific procurement receiving notifications, there are followers who will also receive notifications and updates regarding the progress of the procurement. This feature ensures that all relevant parties are well-informed and can participate actively in the procurement process.

Let's see the steps to add a follower to the procurement request.

Access the Request details page

To add followers, you must first have a procurement request. Create a new procurement request or locate the request on the Procurement Request page if you have already submitted one. Open the specific request by clicking on it.

Procurement Request details page

Upon reaching the request details page, navigate to the bottom section. Scroll down until you reach the follower's section, then click the "add" button.

Search for the relevant stakeholders

Upon clicking the "add" button, you can search for your team members to add as followers. Simply search for their names, click the "add" button next to them, and save the changes. Please note that in order to be added as a follower, a user must be a part of the Spendflo user list.

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