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Upon initiating a request, it becomes essential to track its progress. Spendflo offers a comprehensive tracking feature that enables users to monitor each stage of their requests conveniently within the platform. This guide will outline the steps involved in tracking a request.

Accessing the Request Details Page

To track a request in Spendflo, you need to navigate to the Procurement Request Details page. From the Dashboard, go to the Buying section and select Procurement Requests. This will provide access to the Request Details page, where you can proceed with tracking.

Locating your Request

Upon reaching the Request Details page, utilize the search bar to locate the specific request you wish to track. Simply enter the name of the request directly into the search bar, and the results will be displayed accordingly.

Furthermore, you have the option to filter requests. For guidance on utilizing the filtering and search functionalities, please refer to the appropriate instructions provided here.

Progress Tracker

Once you are on the Request Details page, you will find the Progress Tracker. This tool precisely indicates the current stage of your procurement process.

The stages of the request are as follows:

1. Request Submitted: Upon submission, the request enters the Request Submitted stage.

2. Pre-approval (Optional): Following submission, the request may proceed to the Pre-approval stage. At this point, a budget approver or an individual responsible for approving software requests within your organization will receive a notification containing the request details. Approval from this party is required before Spendflo can initiate work on the request. For instructions on configuring pre-approval, please refer to the provided guidelines here.

Pre-approvals will be sent sequentially in the order of the approver. The approver details can be found on the platform (as below) while tracking your status. 

3. In Negotiation: Once pre-approval is obtained, our buyers will engage with the vendor to communicate expectations and negotiate the price.

4. Contract Uploaded: Upon completion of negotiations, our Buyer will upload the final price and draft of the contract to the platform for your review. Additionally, they will personally contact you to discuss the pricing details.

5. Approvals: After the draft contract is uploaded, the request enters the Approval stage. At this stage, an approver from your organization must grant approval for the request to progress.

6. Awaiting Signature: Once the approval is secured, the next step involves signing the agreement. This stage, known as Awaiting Signature, is where either our buyers or the vendor will send the contract to you for signing, ultimately finalizing the deal.

7. Completed: Once the contract is signed, the request transitions to the Completed stage, signifying the successful conclusion of the procurement process.

Request Cancellation : A request can be cancelled by the requestor by navigating to the request page & clicking on 'Cancel Request'.

 Important to note: All requests that are open 30 days post their due date will be auto-cancelled within the platform. The status of the Request will be 'Auto Cancelled'

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