Setting up the Buying Hub

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Welcome to the Spendflo App's Buying Hub! This module enables you to handle your SaaS procurements and renewals efficiently. With the assistance of our Buying concierge, you can achieve significant savings along the way.

This article focuses exclusively on the Buying Hub onboarding. For a comprehensive understanding of onboarding to the platform, please refer to this article.

Step 1: Uploading your SaaS stack on Spendflo

Once you sign the contract with the Spendflo App, our onboarding team would reach out to schedule your onboarding call. During the onboarding call, your onboarding manager will request you to share your SaaS contracts so that our backend team can upload your SaaS details on the Spendflo App. This step ensures that all your SaaS contracts are stored in one place, and you don't have to jump into different platforms. 

Don't have all your SaaS contracts with you? Don't worry, our team has a way of getting it on your behalf, just let your onboarding manager know about it and we'll get you covered. 

Step 2: Activate Spendflo Slackbot

Our Slack bot helps you stay up to date about all your procurements, get approval and renewal notifications, interact with your Engagement Manager and CSM, and much more. Activate the Spendflo Slackbot to stay updated at all times

Connect Slack Integration

Step 3: Fill Procurement Checklists

Fill out the procurement checklist, providing necessary details such as billing information, address, Infosec team contacts, and legal team information. This data is utilized to streamline the procurement process and ensure the inclusion of these details in your vendor contracts ahead of time.

Filling up the Procurement Checklist

Step 4: Create Approval Groups

Set up your Approval groups and assign approvers for procurements of your organization, this ensures all procurements are within budget and are procured with proper checks

Create Approval Groups

Following these steps and setting up the Buying Hub in Spendflo App allows you to streamline your procurement processes, optimize contract management, establish efficient approval workflows, and make data-driven decisions that drive cost savings and operational excellence.

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