Setting up the Management Hub

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Managing your organization's spend effectively is crucial for financial efficiency and growth. Spendflo's Management Hub equips you with powerful tools to streamline spend management and make data-driven decisions.

This article focuses exclusively on the Management Hub Onboarding. For a comprehensive understanding of onboarding to the platform, please refer to this article.

Step 1: Connect Single Sign-On (SSO)

Simplify user management and stay on top of your shadow IT by connecting your organization's Single Sign-On (SSO) account to Spendflo. This integration provides you the visibility on employee and app usage data, providing you with a comprehensive view of your organization's SaaS stack. Spendflo offers seamless SSO integrations with leading providers, including Google, Microsoft AD, Okta, and Jumpcloud.

To establish the SSO integration, follow the help articles on the SSO Integration.

Connect your choice of SSO Integration

Step 2: Connect Finance Integrations

Streamline your spend management process by integrating your organization's finance software with Spendflo. This integration provides you insights into your SaaS spend, combining the Finance and SSO integrations, you get a 360-degree view of your SaaS ecosystem. Spendflo currently supports a wide range of finance integrations, including Netsuite, Xero, Zohobooks, Quickbooks, Sage Business Cloud, Free Agent, and Moneybird.

To get started, navigate to the respective integration page in Spendflo's settings, where you'll find detailed instructions and step-by-step guidance on establishing the connection with your chosen finance software. If your finance software isn't listed among the supported integrations, no worries – Spendflo also allows you to import transaction data using a CSV file, ensuring flexibility for all users.

Connect your choice of Finance Integration

Step 3: Install Spendflo Chrome Extension

To maximize visibility into your organization's software usage and identify potential instances of "shadow IT," install the Spendflo Chrome extension. This lightweight browser extension works alongside other discovery sources, such as GSuite and SSOs, to provide comprehensive insights into the apps used by your employees.

Install Chrome extension to obtain users' precise usage data, last access dates, and usage details for non-SSO (Single Sign-On) apps.

Install Chrome Extension

Step 4: Activate Spendflo Slackbot

Activate the Spendflo Slack bot to access a range of features such as creating Sentiment Surveys for your tech stack, receiving renewal notifications, get approvals, interact with your Engagement Manager and CSM, and much more. Stay constantly updated with the Spendflo Slackbot at your service.

Connect Slack Integration

By following these steps and setting up the Management Hub in Spendflo, you'll unlock a wealth of features and capabilities to efficiently manage your organization's spend, enhance employee engagement, and drive data-informed decision-making. Discover the power of Spendflo today and optimize your spend management strategy with ease!

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