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In today's ever-evolving business landscape, managing your organization's resources efficiently and effectively is paramount. This involves not only monitoring your spending but also understanding how your resources are utilized across different teams. In this digital age, where SaaS tools play a pivotal role in operations, having insights into SaaS resource distribution, spend, and utilization is crucial. This is where the Users and Teams feature in Spendflo proves to be valuable. 

Business Architecture

In order to offer you valuable insights into your users and teams, we leverage data from various integrated sources. By harnessing the capabilities of our robust HRMS, SSO, and Finance integrations, we can provide precise and comprehensive insights into your organization's teams and spending patterns. Therefore, the greater the number of integrations you utilize, the more enhanced visibility we can deliver.

Understanding the Significance

The Users and Teams feature in Spendflo is a powerful tool that empowers you to gain a comprehensive overview of your SaaS resource distribution. It provides valuable insights into both spend and utilization across your Teams and Users. This becomes particularly essential when you are responsible for tracking your organizational budget or creating one from scratch.

Team-Level Utilization

One of the standout benefits of Users and Teams is its ability to offer team-level utilization data. This feature becomes invaluable when you want to assess whether your license allocation aligns with your initial plans, or if you're spending as per your budget. By examining the utilization patterns of different teams, you can make informed decisions about resource allocation.

A Smarter Approach to Budgeting

Budgeting is a critical aspect of organizational management, and having accurate data is the foundation of successful budget planning. With Spendflo's Users and Teams feature, tracking spend across different teams becomes a breeze. With this information, you can create more precise budgets for the upcoming financial cycles. This not only helps in resource allocation but also in optimizing your budget to achieve the best possible results.

Calculating User-level SaaS Investment Effectively

Return on Investment (ROI) is a metric that every organization strives to maximize. Knowing how much you spend per user or team is a key factor in calculating ROI for your resources. With Spendflo, we help you in assessing your SaaS investment on a per-employee and per-team basis. Given that SaaS spend represents a substantial portion of your budget, monitoring these costs at the team or individual employee level can help you pinpoint opportunities for efficiency improvements, cost reduction, and ultimately, bolstering your organization's overall financial performance.

Streamlining the Employee Lifecycle through Automation

By combining the Teams feature with an HRMS integration, you can expect seamless changes and updates into Spendflo's Teams structure. This integration guarantees that your data remains updated, empowering you to make informed decisions based on automatic data synchronization.

Here's how you can Utilize Users and Teams

1. Setting Up HRMS Integration

To kickstart your journey with the Teams and Users feature, your first step should be installing the HRMS integration of your choice. If our HRMS integration options don't align with your tool, don't worry – you can still seamlessly import your user and team data via CSV. Detailed guidance on this process is available here.

2. Team Data Review

Once you've successfully integrated your HRMS, navigate to the Teams section located under Settings > Management Hub > Teams. Here, you'll find your Teams section populated with the latest information. To optimize your experience, delve into each team's details and assign a dedicated team owner for your records.

3. People Data Review 

Following your review of the Teams data, proceed to the People page, accessible through Settings > Management Hub > People. Here, you'll have access to comprehensive employee details, including their names, email addresses, employment statuses, designations, and more.

4. Team Insights Unveiled

After completing these initial reviews, it's time to dive into actionable insights. The Teams data will seamlessly merge with SSO and Finance data, providing you with invaluable insights into team-level application utilization and spending. Navigate to Management Hub > Teams, where you'll discover up-to-date insights on resource allocation across teams, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and take targeted actions. Learn more about the Teams page walkthrough from the link here.

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