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Gaining a comprehensive understanding of your SaaS ecosystem requires examining app usage from various perspectives, and one such valuable perspective is viewing usage by Teams.

In Spendflo, Teams refer to the departments or divisions within your organization, and you have the flexibility to set them up accordingly. For more information on setting up and utilizing Teams effectively, you can refer to the article provided. It will guide you through the process and help you leverage Teams to gain deeper insights into your organization's app usage.

We will talk about how you can understand Product and Spend Usage by teams in this article

Navigating to Team wise product and spend usage

There are two ways you can access the Teams page:

  1. Go to Management>Insights; in Insights, you see a tab called Top Teams by Product Usage, this section shows the top 10 teams with the highest number of products being used, click on view all, and you’ll be redirected to the Teams Page.

  1. Directly accessing the Teams page by clicking on Management>Teams

View the Usage details

  • Once you are in the teams page, you’ll get a view of all your teams with details like the number of apps, number of users in the team and details of products being used in the team. It covers a detailed view of the usage of SaaS apps by every team.

  • You can sort all the columns by clicking on the column headers in the table at the bottom.

  • To view details of any team, click on it

Team Details

On the details page of any team, you’ll see a more detailed distribution of Spend, People, and Products used by the team. In order take any decisions around app rationalisation, this helps to identify the users, their last access, spend and designation. 


In the overview section, you will find information about the Team, including its name, owner, and the total number of users in the Team. Both the Team name and Team Owner fields are editable, allowing you to modify them at any time to accommodate changes in your organization's structure.


Within the Spend section on the right, you'll encounter information detailing your team's spending habits over time. By default, the graphs depict the total and average spending for the past 12 months. However, you have the flexibility to adjust the timeframe using the dropdown menu to suit your specific analysis needs. This feature is a potent tool for examining spending patterns within your team and identifying any instances of excessive spending.

All Transactions

Directly beneath the Spend graph, you will find a list of transactions related to the total spending of the Team. These transactions are sourced from the Finance integration. You can examine the transaction date and amount to delve deeper into the specifics of the spend patterns. The transactions can also be downloaded as a CSV, if required by clicking on the export button.


Moving on to the People tab, this is where you can access information about the users within that specific team. For a comprehensive guide on how to make the most of this section, please refer to the article provided here.


Within the Product Tab, you'll find a comprehensive list of all the products utilized by the team, which collectively contribute to the team's overall spend. These product details are retrieved from the SSO Integration, enabling you to examine the specifics of each product used by the team. When you click on a particular product, it will take you to the Product details page where you can know more about the product, its spend, users, associated contract etc.

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