Understanding Users in Spendflo

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At Spendflo, we prioritize providing you with comprehensive user management capabilities. Within our platform, each user is assigned a detailed profile page that houses essential information such as their name, email address, department, designation, and more. This individualized user page offers several significant advantages, enhancing your ability to manage your organization's resources effectively. Here's why maintaining user-level profiles is invaluable:

1. Tool Utilization Tracking:

One of the key benefits of having individual user pages is the ability to track the specific tools and software that each user is utilizing within your organization. This granular level of insight enables you to monitor software adoption, identify preferred tools, and assess the efficiency of your software investments. With this data, you can make informed decisions about software licensing, optimization, and resource allocation.

2. Total Spend Analysis:

In addition to tracking tool usage, the individual user pages also provide a comprehensive view of the total spend associated with each user. This expenditure data allows you to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of software subscriptions for individual users. By analyzing spending patterns on a per-user basis, you can identify opportunities for cost savings, reallocation of resources, and optimization of software licenses.

How is People Data Incorporated?

People data seamlessly enters our system through two primary channels: HRMS integration and CSV file imports. Here's a breakdown of how each method contributes to the flow of People data within Spendflo:

1. HRMS Integration: 

When you integrate your HR Management System (HRMS) with Spendflo, People data is dynamically populated and continuously updated in real-time. This means that any changes occurring within your organization, including modifications to employee details and lifecycle events, are promptly reflected within the Spendflo application. The advantage of this integration is that it ensures your People data remains current and in sync with your organizational developments.

2. CSV File Imports: 

Alternatively, you have the option to import People's data via CSV files. While this method provides flexibility, it does not offer real-time updates like the HRMS integration. However, it remains a valuable solution for organizations that prefer periodic data uploads or need to incorporate historical data into Spendflo.

3. Manual Creation: 

You also have the option to manually create employee data and add their details, with this method you will have to update the employee lifecycle level data manually each time there are changes in your irganization structure.

To learn more about how users and team is created, refer to the article here

Reviewing employee level App and Spend Data

To review the employee level details, follow the steps below:

Open Settings

Navigate to Settings>Management Hub>People

Search and click on any user

At a table level you have all the information like Job title, department, total spend, number of apps used etc. To get additional details click on a  particular user.

People Details

In the details page you'll see the total list of product used by the users along with other other details. 

Making changes to a User details

Changes can be incorporated to a particular user by going in to the details page of a user, navigate to Settings>Management Hub>People and click on any particular user.

Please note that you cannot make changes to user details if its coming from the HRMS integration, an edit option is only provided for the users those are imported via csv or manually created

There's an Edit details option on the overview section; once you click on it a slider will appear where you can edit each value individually.

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