Setting up Licenses and Utilisation criteria

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The License feature is a component within the SaaS Management module of Spendflo. It empowers you to oversee your SaaS usage, sourced directly from a variety of direct integrations, and grants you the capability to initiate actions on these applications. To begin utilizing Licenses effectively, there are some steps to follow in order to maximize its benefits.

Set up Direct Integration with Apps

To begin using this feature, the initial step involves integrating apps from our list of direct integration applications. You can access these apps and their integration instructions within the provided folder. Each application comes with a distinct set of features and functionalities, enabling us to retrieve specific information from the app and perform actions within Spendflo. 

The available capabilities are based upon the permissions we obtain. For instance, with some apps, you may have the ability to downgrade and reclaim licenses, while with others, you can solely view usage data without executing any actions. These capabilities are determined by the app provider and the APIs they grant us access to.

It's important to note that for certain apps, integration or usage may require a specific subscription plan.

Set-up Inactivity Period

After successfully setting up your integrations, you can configure the inactivity period for your SaaS applications. Using this specified inactivity duration, we establish the utilization criteria for these apps. You have the flexibility to determine the period of user inactivity that qualifies them as inactive. This information is then used to populate the utilization data on the License page.

To set it up, navigate to Settings>Management Hub>Licenses and then select the number of days from the drop down. After this is complete, you will be able to see the utilization data on the Licenses tab under Management Hub.

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