Introduction to Licenses

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With our ability to connect with your SaaS tools directly, we launched the licenses feature within the Management Hub to provide you with visibility on your accurate SaaS usage, share actionable recommendations, and eliminate SaaS wastage. This functionality provides you with a consolidated view of your various SaaS tools in a single location, eliminating the need to switch between multiple applications to monitor usage and initiate actions.

How to make use of Licenses?

To utilize the license feature and initiate the tracking and management of your SaaS tools, your initial step is to integrate your SaaS applications with Spendflo. We provide direct integration options for a variety of SaaS tools. Please refer to our help guides for a comprehensive list and detailed integration instructions, which can be found here.

How would License management help you?

You can expect Licenses to solve a lot of your day-to-day SaaS operations tasks like:

Find Wasted Licenses

For seat-based licenses, one of the easiest ways to save costs is to find wasted licenses. For each integrated application, Spendflo provides a detailed license breakdown. Spendflo can display inactive or unassigned licenses that, in most cases, can be reclaimed to reduce cost. The most common reasons for wasted licenses are:

  • License assigned to past employees
  • No usage
  • Suspended accounts
  • No access to the account

Even if you are on a fixed annual contract, understanding your license utilization can help you decide on the right size for your contract upon renewal.

View Licenses

You can view the organization licenses from the following locations :

1. Straight from Spendflo "Insights" page, you can view your organization's Underutilizes Licenses per application high-level view.

This view enables you to consider actions like removing- downgrading licenses and saving costs.

Hovering over the graphs will display the underutilized licenses breakdown.

2. On the licenses page, you can access a comprehensive list of SaaS products that have been seamlessly integrated with Spendflo. Here, you will have the ability to observe active, inactive, and unassigned licenses. Additionally, you can perform actions such as reclaiming and downgrading licenses directly from this interface.

Actionable Recommendations:

The Recommendations feature within Spendflo provides practical guidance, tailored to highlight feature-level usage data, offering insights to optimize license utilization and effectively cut down on SaaS expenditures.

Here you will find a collection of actionable recommendations that will help you optimize your license utilization and save on SaaS spending. Our recommendations are based on feature-level usage and are carefully curated to help you identify the most relevant cost-saving opportunities.

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