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Spendflo's direct integration with Zoom streamlines the management of licenses by centralizing all licensing data on a single platform. Users have direct access to detailed license information and usage metrics within the Spendflo app. This allows for immediate visibility into Zoom licenses and the capability to manage licensing actions directly through Spendflo, ensuring streamlined operations and enhanced visibility into dynamic license management (DLM).

Features & Benefits

  • See different Zoom license types and their utilization within the Spendflo app
  • Reclaim and off-board unused licenses of Zoom from within the Spendflo app
  • Iron out deleted users from the integration and reclaim their Zoom licenses
  • Send the in-activity report directly from the Spendflo app to any email address


  • To use this integration, you must be an admin within your Zoom account.
  • The user can see both paid and non-paid licenses and its users. 
  • However, they will not be segmented as various Zoom products like Zoom phone and webinar - everything will be combined as licenses only.

Steps to install the integration

Step 1. Go to the Spendflo Integrations page by navigating to Settings → Integrations → Available apps.

Step 2. Scroll to find the Zoom app under the product section. Click on Connect to initiate the Integration.

Step 3. To connect, Spendflo uses Truto to connect your Zoom account securely. Click on Continue → Connect to complete the connection. Make sure to log into your Zoom account to complete this step.

Step 4. Click on Connect to complete the permissions required, such as:


Step 5. Perform all the login steps either via email or SSO etc., and click on "Allow" permissions. 

Step 6. Select the Data Owner from the dropdown menu. This person will inherit all the data (meetings, recordings, and whiteboards) belonging to the users being deleted.

Kindly note that we appoint only one user as the data owner when we integrate Zoom, and this user will receive all deleted users' data that cannot be deleted.

Spendflo is now seamlessly integrated with Zoom to provide better insights on the Dynamic License Management (DLM) from within the product.

Let’s now have a look at how the licenses are managed within the DLM module.

Steps to downgrade or reclaim licenses

Downgrade: The downgrade feature allows you to move the selected user to the basic plan on Zoom.

Reclaim: The reclaim option deletes the user and moves their meetings, while the recordings and whiteboards are transferred to the data owner seletced in the form during the connection step.

Both these operations free up underutilized licenses which can be assigned to someone else or can help you make better renewal decisions from the next time.

Step 1. Click on Management Hub and choose Licenses under the drop-down to view the active, inactive, and utilization of the licenses associated with Zoom.

Step 2. Scroll to the right and click on "View" against Zoom for a pop-up to appear, displaying all Inactive and Active users for the chosen product.

Step 3. Under the Inactive users tab, you can find the option to downgrade licenses. Click on the "Downgrade" or "Reclaim" option from the dropdown, available next to the respective user's details.

Step 4. Click on Click "Confirm" to downgrade the license for the selected inactive user.

Or, with the "Reclaim" option, you get a pop-up to confirm the selection. Click "Confirm" to complete the step.

Kindly note that this action cannot be undone.

Additionally, when a user has reclaimed a license on Zoom product, all the recordings and whiteboards get transferred to the data owner chosen during the integration. However, the webinars will get deleted and will not get ransferred.

Steps to remove the integration

Step 1. Go back to the Spendflo Integrations page by navigating to Settings → Integrations → Connected apps.

Step 2. Click on the Remove option available on the Zoom app integration

Step 3. Click on Remove again to confirm the action, and with this, the integration will successfully be removed from within your Spendflo platform.

An alternate way to remove the integration is to perform the action from within the Zoom app. Follow the steps given below for the same:

Step 1. Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the left panel to find Advanced --> App Marketplace.

Step 2. Click on Manage on the top navigation bar, and navigate to Added Apps under Personal App Management to find the Spendflo app. If not, search for the Spendflo app in the search bar.

Step 3. Click on "Remove" to remove the integartion, along with an optional reason for removal.

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