Creating Approval Groups

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Different organizations have unique approval processes in place for procurement, often involving multiple stakeholders and decision-makers. Spendflo allows you to customize and configure approval groups, bringing your specific approval workflows onto the platform. By creating approval groups tailored to your organization's structure and requirements, you can ensure a seamless and efficient procurement approval process.

Within Spendflo, you can define different approval levels and specify the individuals or teams responsible for approving purchase requests at each level. This hierarchical structure streamlines the decision-making process, ensuring requests are routed to the appropriate approvers based on predetermined rules. Setting up approval groups in Spendflo establishes a clear and consistent procurement approval process, saving time and eliminating bottlenecks.
Let's see the steps to add approvers

Navigate to Approvers

Navigate to the Approval set-up page from Settings>Buying Hub>Approvers

Create a New Approver Group

Click on Create a New Approval Group and name your group according to your department or division requirements. A pop-up will appear where you can input the desired name for the group. Once named, proceed to add approvers by clicking on the "Add Approver" button.

Search Approvers

Utilize the drop-down list to search for the desired approvers. You have the flexibility to add multiple approvers, aligning with your organization's policies. Once you have added all the necessary approvers, click "Save" to finalize the selection.

The approval process occurs hierarchically, moving from Approver 1 to Approver 2, and so forth

To participate in the approval process, users must be onboarded on Spendflo.

With these steps, you can efficiently establish a well-structured approval workflow in Spendflo, ensuring compliance with your organization's policies and streamlining procurement for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

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