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Uploading contracts individually can be quite time-consuming. Therefore, Spendflo offers a convenient feature that allows you to import all your contracts simultaneously. This can be done by utilizing our Bulk CSV Import feature on the Vendor Management page. Simply compile a list of your contracts in a CSV file as per the Spendflo format, and then effortlessly import it into the platform. In this article, we will guide you through the process of performing a bulk import action.

Navigate to the Vendor Management Page

To initiate the import process, start by navigating to the Vendor Management Page, which serves as Spendflo's contract repository. On this page, you will find an "Import CSV" option located above the table. Simply click on this option to proceed.

Download the sample CSV

After clicking on "Import CSV," you'll have the opportunity to download a sample CSV file. This step is crucial, as it guides you in structuring your contract list according to Spendflo's format. Failure to do so may result in an import error.

Please proceed by clicking on the file to download it and organize your data in accordance with the format provided in the sample file.

Upload CSV file

After you've organized your data in the correct format, save the file in CSV format on your computer. Return to the Spendflo screen in your web browser, then click on "Select File" and proceed to upload.

Upload Successful

If your file is correctly formatted and uploads successfully, a "Success" prompt will appear on the screen, displaying the imported line items' results. You can simply click "Continue," and you will find the Vendor Management page populated with your contracts.

Upload Failed

Should your CSV file encounter any formatting issues, the import process may fail. In such cases, the failure prompt on your screen will identify all the errors detected by the system during the file upload. You can rectify these errors and attempt to upload your file again by following the same steps mentioned earlier.

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