Long Term & Monthly Contracts

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All your SaaS contracts are stored in the ‘Vendor Management' page of Spendflo. You get a bird's eye view of your contracts from the table and can go deeper by opening any product's ‘Contract details’ page.

Difference between Long Term and Monthly Contracts in Spendflo

At Spendflo, we've organized long-term and monthly contracts into two separate tabs for enhanced tracking convenience. While managing high-spend, long-term contracts, procurement teams may inadvertently overlook the short-term or monthly ones. However, it's crucial to remain attentive to monthly expenditures as well since the combined total of monthly subscriptions can make up a significant portion of your overall SaaS spending. By doing so, you can identify and optimize subscriptions that aren't being utilized to their full potential. Stay in control of your expenses by keeping a vigilant eye on your monthly spends.

How to see your long-term and monthly contracts in Spendflo

Upon accessing our platform, you will land to the long-term contracts section by default. Here, you'll find a comprehensive list of contracts with a term lasting longer than one month, including annual, semi-annual, and multi-year deals.

If you wish to view your monthly contracts, click on the "Monthly" tab located at the top, as illustrated in the image below. This tab will display a list of your monthly subscriptions, which might be either signed contracts or credit card subscriptions.

Customize your table view 

You can hide or view columns of the Contracts table as per your needs, to customize your view, click on the gear icon at the top.

You will see a drop-down of the list of columns; uncheck the columns that you want to hide and click save, to learn more about customizing tables in Spendflo, please refer to the article here.

Search and Filter Long term and Monthly contracts

To get an understanding of how to search and filter contracts, refer to the article here Search and Filter

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