Viewing SaaS spend of your organisation

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Spendflo's advanced capabilities include data reconciliation from various sources, including your SaaS financial data. By importing your SaaS spend into Spendflo, you enrich your SaaS inventory on Spendflo with the cost of each tool, empowering you to make informed decisions about your expenses.

Benefits of Importing SaaS Costs

  • Visualize SaaS Spend: Gain a comprehensive view of your company's SaaS spend and understand how much is allocated to different products, facilitating cost management.
  • Uncover Shadow-IT: Identify any unauthorized or untracked SaaS expenses, allowing you to address potential security and budgeting concerns.
  • Optimize Usage: Discover paid products that are underutilized or no longer in use, enabling you to reallocate resources and save money.

How to View Spend

In Spendflo, you have multiple ways to access and analyze your SaaS spend, each offering unique insights:

  • Spend Page: Get an overview of your company's SaaS spend from the Spend page, including a detailed breakdown of product expenses and opportunities to optimize your financial picture. To Navigate to the Spend page, click on Management>Spend.

  • Products Page: Access product-specific spend data, usage, and additional details, allowing you to make data-driven decisions for each tool. To access the Products page, click on Management>Products and you’ll see the table with Spend and other details.

  • Product Details: Dive deeper into individual product spend to understand specific cost breakdowns and expenditure patterns. To access the Product details page, click on Management>Products>then choose a specific product to view its spend details. You can view your quarter wise spend from the top right Spend tab, or you can also view the monthly spend graph and its detail from the bottom spend over time tab

The Spend Page

The Spend page is a central hub for all your SaaS spend-related insights. Here's what you'll find on the main "Spend" page.

  • Spend Over Time: Visualize the monthly SaaS spend summary, allowing you to track spending trends over different periods. Easily navigate and switch between months to monitor expenses.

  • Spend by Products: Review the SaaS spend for each product, along with details like the owner, team, and year-on-year and month-on-month changes where applicable. Effortlessly adjust the viewed month for up-to-date information.

Review Transactions

Access the Transactions knowledge base for guidance on configuring rules to fine-tune your spend reporting and ensure accurate data analysis.

With Spendflo's comprehensive spend analysis, you gain the power to visualize your SaaS spend, optimize costs, and make data-backed decisions for your organization's financial health.

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