Okta SSO Integration

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Spendflo integrates with Okta to sync the list of apps and their users. You also get the usage details of your entire SaaS stack with this integration.


To begin the installation, you must be an Okta administrator (Super Admin). If you have someone in your organization who can create Okta SSO connections, they are likely an administrator. 

Installing Okta

1. Go to the Okta website; as an admin, you should be able to view the admin button on your top right screen.

2. Clicking the admin will ask you to log in again to the Admin console. And we will land you to the admin console.

3. Select Security -> API from the navigation menu on the left.

4. Switch to the Tokens tab

Create Token

1. Click on create a token, give a name to the token, for example "spendflo integration"

2. Copy the Token value (this value is required in the next steps)

3. Click on your name in the top right corner and copy the domain(this value is required in the next steps)

Open Spendflo App

Head to Settings>Management Hub>Integrations> Available Apps (https://app.spendflo.com/integrations/available-apps) and click on the + Connect button under Okta integration.

Read Installation Permissions

1. Enter the subdomain that you copied from the Okta profile, click submit

2. Read the permissions that Spendflo needs for this integration and click continue.

3. Now, paste the API key/ token that you copied from Okta and click Save.

Integration Completed

The connection is complete; you’ll get a confirmation message, and the data will start populating in the Insights section

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