Zendesk Direct Integration

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Spendflo's integration with Zendesk offers a streamlined approach to managing licenses and user permissions directly from the Spendflo App, enhancing your support and customer service workflows. This integration enables efficient license provisioning, user management, and deactivation of Zendesk users.


  • License Utilization Monitoring:
    The Zendesk integration within Spendflo provides insights into license utilization. It identifies users who have not actively utilized Zendesk, allowing administrators to optimize license allocation.

  • Re-claming of Users:
    The integration facilitates the reclaiming of Zendesk users directly from Spendflo. This ensures that inactive users or those who no longer require access can be promptly deactivated, freeing up licenses for other team members.

  • Sync with HR Systems:
    When integrated with HR systems, Spendflo and Zendesk can collectively identify employees who have left the organization. This ensures a quick and accurate process to deactivate their Zendesk licenses.


Zendesk Administrator Role Required: To establish and manage the integration, users must have Zendesk administrator privileges.


The following permissions are required within Zendesk for the integration to work :-

Read & Write Tickets: Permission to view and create/modify tickets.

Read & Write Users: Ability to view and manage user profiles.

Read Audit Logs: Permission to access logs detailing system activities and changes.

Read & Write Organizations: Allows viewing and creating/modifying organizational profiles.

Read & Write HC (Help Center): Access to view and create/modify help center content.

Read & Write Apps: Permission to view and install/create/modify apps.

Read & Write Triggers: Ability to view and create/modify automated triggers.

Read & Write Automations: Access to view and create/modify automation rules.

Read & Write Targets: Permission to view and create/modify specific goals or objectives.

Read & Write Webhooks: Ability to view and create/modify endpoints for real-time information exchange.

Steps to Install the Direct Integration

1. Open the Spendflo Integrations page

Navigate to the integrations page from Settings>Management Hub>Integrations. Click on the Available Apps section and locate the Zendesk app

2. Connect Zendesk

Once you locate the Zendesk app under integrations, click on "connect" this will open a separate window.

Login to Zendesk

If you're not already logged in, the new window will open the login page of Zendesk, mention your credentials and log in to the app.

3. Enter your Zendesk Sub-domain

Your subdomain is a unique identifier of your Zendesk account. You can find the subdomain of your account on the Support Admin home page.

Go to your Zendesk account -> Settings -> Subdomain is on the Left corner (see below)

4. Authorize the Integration

Once you have entered the sub-domain, click on "Connect" to authorize the Integration

5. Integration Successful

Once you click on the connect app, the window will take a few seconds and close automatically. You'll see the successful integration prompt back on Spendflo Integration page.

Now that you have integrated with Atlassian & Jira, click here to see how you can make the best use of the features.

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