Datadog Direct Integration

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Spendflo's integration with Datadog brings a new dimension to your monitoring and observability workflows, providing a direct path for license management within the Spendflo App. This integration offers a seamless experience for monitoring Datadog licenses, user access, and optimizing license management processes.


  • Real-time License Insights:
    The Datadog integration in Spendflo delivers real-time insights into license usage. Identify users who might not be actively utilizing Datadog, empowering administrators to fine-tune license distribution.

  • Effortless License Allocation:
    Administer Datadog licenses seamlessly from the Spendflo App. Ensure users have access tailored to their roles and responsibilities without navigating multiple interfaces.

  • User Access Control:
    Deactivate Datadog users directly from Spendflo, streamlining access management. This feature is especially useful for promptly revoking access for users no longer part of the team or those who no longer require Datadog access.

  • Harmonized HR Integration:
    Pair Spendflo with HR systems to collectively identify departed employees. This integration streamlines the process of deactivating Datadog licenses for those who have left the organization.


Users managing the integration need Datadog administrator privileges for seamless setup and configuration.


The following permissions are used for the integration with Datadog :-

user_access_read: Permission to view user access details.

user_access_manage: Permission to manage (create, modify, or delete) user access settings.

usage_read: Permission to access and view usage statistics or metrics.

audit_logs: Permission to access and review system audit logs, providing a record of activities and changes within the system.

Steps to Install the Integration

1. Open the Spendflo Integrations page

Navigate to the integrations page from Settings>Management Hub>Integrations. Click on the Available Apps section and locate the Datadog app

2. Connect Datadog

Once you locate the Hubspot app under integrations, click on "Connect"  this will open a separate window.

3. Finding your Datadog API Key and Application Key

  • You'll now be prompted to select the Datadog Region and. add the API Key and Application Key.
  • To find your Datadog Region/Site, refer this official Datadog Documentation.
  • To find API Key, Sign in to your Datadog organization as a Admin user. Navigate to Organization Settings > Application Keys. Click New Key and enter the Application Key.
  • Navigate to Organization settings, then click the API keys tab.
  • Click the New Key button.
  • Enter a name for your key.
  • Click Create API key.
  • Now copy the API key and enter it. Click Connect

4. Integration Successful

Once you click on the connect app, the window will take a few seconds and close automatically. You'll see the successful integration prompt back on Spendflo Integration page.

Now that you have integrated with Datadog, click here to see how you can make the best use of the features.

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