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The products page serves as a comprehensive repository of all the products utilized within your organization, along with pertinent details about each of them. These product listings are continuously updated in real-time, thanks to seamless integration with Single Sign-On (SSO), Finance systems, and the Chrome extension. As a result, this feature offers a comprehensive and detailed overview of your SaaS Applications, encompassing usage statistics and total spend.

Let's take a deeper look at the Products page


To locate products by name, simply type any part of the product's name into the search bar and hit enter. The search function is not case-sensitive and will scan through the products visible based on the applied filters. If you can't find a specific product initially, consider clearing any filters to broaden your search scope.


By default, the product inventory is set to display only Business Apps, excluding Non-business apps or Social websites that have been identified. To apply specific criteria for filtering the inventory, click on the "Filter" option.

The filter drawer will present some standard fields that you can use for filtering. To discover more fields to filter on, scroll down in the drawer to the "Add filter" section and search for the desired field. Once selected, the chosen field will be displayed.

After making your filter selections, the inventory will be updated to show products that meet the specified criteria, and the applied filters will be listed above. To learn more about Search and Filter, please refer this article

It's important to note that when multiple filters are set, only apps that meet all of the filter criteria will be shown.

Choose columns

To change the columns displayed, click the settings icon just above the table, it’ll let you customize the table and show you fields relevant to you based on your selection.

Select the column you want to view or remove the column you don't want. The inventory will be shown with the chosen columns.


To sort by a particular column in the inventory, click on the column header: 

  • The first click will sort ascending. 
  • The second click will sort descending. 
  • A third click will clear the sort.

The following columns can be sorted today

  • Product
  • Owner
  • Users 
  • Discovered On
  • Access Risk

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