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The spend management feature allows organizations to compare actual expenses incurred against the planned or contracted expenses, providing insight into any deviations that may be present. This information can be used to renegotiate contracts or downgrade existing ones to save costs.

Spendflo's integration with a finance system also helps companies uncover Shadow IT by scanning expense data to identify spend on unsanctioned apps before they proliferate. This feature allows businesses to consolidate opportunities where multiple teams are paying for the same app, saving costs and increasing efficiency.

Lastly, Spendflo helps identify paid applications that are under-utilized or no longer in use, allowing companies to stop paying for subscriptions that they don't need. By doing so, they can save costs and optimize their SaaS inventory.

Xero Finance Integration

Spendflo integrates with Xero and analyses SaaS expenses for your organization. Spendflo will automatically match transactions to the correct application, summarise expenses and provide insights. This guide follows step by step process on how you can install the integration and gain its maximum benefits.

Permissions and Data Access

Below are the data that Spendflo will have access to:
-Organization settings
-Business Transactions
-General Ledger

Spendflo will only import "Expenses" from your chart of accounts

Go to Spendflo

1. Go to the Integrations page and navigate to the “Available Apps” page

2. Click on “Connect” on Xero

Read the instructions

1. Read the instructions on the pop-up and click on “Next step.”

2. Click on “Open Window” on the next screen

Steps to be followed in Xero

1. Enter your credentials on the authentication page

2. You can also set up MFA as an additional security layer if you need it, to skip you can click "not now."

3. Read the permissions requested and click on “Allow Access.”

4. The system will automatically verify your details and you’ll see an all-done screen when the authorization is complete.

Come back to Spendflo App

1. When you return to the Spendflo window, you’ll see the Successful setup prompt; click Finish setup.

2. You will then see a success message as below. Click on “Done

3. The setup is not fully completed yet; follow the next steps to complete the setup

Configure the integration

1. Go to the connected apps screen on integrations; you’ll see Xero on the connected apps section; click configure to complete the setup.

2. Select the expense categories that you'd like to import.

3. Select the dates from when you’d like to import and click "Import."

4. The transactions are imported, and the setup is now complete. You will see the transactions flowing on the transactions page

Removing the Integration

1. Navigate to the Integrations page from Settings>Management Hub>Integrations. Click on the delete icon in Xero under “Connected Apps” in Spendflo.

2. Then head to “Available Apps” and click “Connect” in Xero. You should see the below window.

3. Click on the “Connect Apps” hyperlink. It will redirect you to https://apps.xero.com/!y891z/connected

Disconnect it in Xero.

1. Click on “Disconnect” against your app when you see the below screen.

2. Click on “Disconnect” in the dialog box that appears.

3. You will see a confirmation screen saying there are no connected apps to Xero, and you're done.

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